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#tiethursday – Feb 13 – Snow Day!

Sorry folks, no #tiethursday this week.

I didn’t even leave the house on Thursday, so I saw no reason to put on a tie. We were in the midst of the biggest winter storm this area has seen in years. Over seven inches in Winston-Salem, NC! Needless to say, our city was essentially shut down and my office was closed for the day.

While I enjoy driving on snow, I don’t enjoy driving on snow whilst other people drive on the snow. And since we never lost power, my wife and I opted to stay home for the day.

We did have some fun though!

What started as a simple path down the yard turned into a full-fledge pseudo-luge course. When my wife looked at the stairs and suggested using those for a starting block, I called the idea unsafe. But then the inner reckless child in my broke through and took over. The walls kept getting higher and the speeds rose through the day.

It’s not often that we get to enjoy snowfall like this in North Carolina, but I think we did the best with what we had.

I’ll have a tie on next week, the early forecasts call for 60 degrees.