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#tiethursday – Jan 23 – Button-Down Crisis

Do you ever find yourself in a “crisis” where you seem to realize you don’t actually know who you are?

Think about it. Do you even know who you are? And when you start to question yourself, do you lose the confidence you used to have in simple decisions? Let me explain.

Someone, somewhere, prints these out and uses them for "inspiration"
I have worn ties with button-down collars multiple times in my life without hesitation (never in a suit, don’t worry). I’d button that sucker up, look in the mirror and feel confident that I would look nice that day.

But this morning, I hesitated. For a good five minutes I pondered whether it truly was appropriate to wear a tie with a button-down collar. And why? It’s not like there’s any fashion expert at my office who would call me out. Why all of a sudden was I questioning my decision making?

I’ve faced this dilemma multiple times as the years of adulthood fly by. I’ve always struggled with having 100% confidence in my decision making when there is no pressing time or safety issue. Imminent disaster ahead with very few ways around it? Bring it on. Choosing a particular decoration for the office conference room? Dear God, let’s form a committee this is entirely too much pressure.

Of course, this button-down/tie dilemma was perfectly timed to go along with our training at work today, which completely validated that I am, indeed, just a tad bit insecure in making decisions. Turns out, I’m so concerned about receiving approval and support, that I often prevent myself from making a decision out of fear for NOT receiving the approval and support.

So maybe, just maybe, I was so concerned about wearing the button-down with the tie because part of me is concerned it will set off a string of comments on this blog where fashion experts criticize my decision. Why? I mean, honestly, why should I care? In addition to the fact that maybe seven people will read this post, this combo passed my eye test, and more importantly my wife’s, so I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

In the end, it turns out there is some debate on the matter, but overall I think it looks nice and work-friendly. And this tie, which was a gift from my brother-in-law, matches well with the shirt pattern. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.