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#tiethursday – Jan 30 – No Pizza?!?!

This is late. You’ll survive. I’m disappointed in how late this is, but better late than never, right?

I’m trying to get this up before the Super Bowl starts. So I have 14 minutes.

Under this is hair. Lots of it.

I purchased this tie from to be one of my Game Day ties. It is supposed to be green and white. Unfortunately, it isn’t. It’s more of a dark teal than green, but from a distance it works. I really like the look, but I’m still not sure what color shirt to wear it with. Any tips?

I’d like to also talk about something I started on this #tiethursday: my 2014 quest to get into the best shape of my life. Part of that is getting down in size. Lean up. Stop carrying so much weight around. If I want to run fast, I need to be lighter. Every extra pound equals four pounds on a running step. So if I’m able to shed the twenty pounds that I plan to land, my impacts will be reduced by eighty pounds. Should be able to go faster, right? And more importantly, my knees and feet will feel less stress and take less wear and tear.

Wednesday night I weighed in at 190. And my most recent 5k time is 24:51. I’ll keep you up-to-date.

Six minutes to spare. Now it’s time to watch the Super Bowl. Go Broncos?

#tiethursday – Jan 23 – Button-Down Crisis

Do you ever find yourself in a “crisis” where you seem to realize you don’t actually know who you are?

Think about it. Do you even know who you are? And when you start to question yourself, do you lose the confidence you used to have in simple decisions? Let me explain.

Someone, somewhere, prints these out and uses them for "inspiration"
I have worn ties with button-down collars multiple times in my life without hesitation (never in a suit, don’t worry). I’d button that sucker up, look in the mirror and feel confident that I would look nice that day.

But this morning, I hesitated. For a good five minutes I pondered whether it truly was appropriate to wear a tie with a button-down collar. And why? It’s not like there’s any fashion expert at my office who would call me out. Why all of a sudden was I questioning my decision making?

I’ve faced this dilemma multiple times as the years of adulthood fly by. I’ve always struggled with having 100% confidence in my decision making when there is no pressing time or safety issue. Imminent disaster ahead with very few ways around it? Bring it on. Choosing a particular decoration for the office conference room? Dear God, let’s form a committee this is entirely too much pressure.

Of course, this button-down/tie dilemma was perfectly timed to go along with our training at work today, which completely validated that I am, indeed, just a tad bit insecure in making decisions. Turns out, I’m so concerned about receiving approval and support, that I often prevent myself from making a decision out of fear for NOT receiving the approval and support.

So maybe, just maybe, I was so concerned about wearing the button-down with the tie because part of me is concerned it will set off a string of comments on this blog where fashion experts criticize my decision. Why? I mean, honestly, why should I care? In addition to the fact that maybe seven people will read this post, this combo passed my eye test, and more importantly my wife’s, so I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

In the end, it turns out there is some debate on the matter, but overall I think it looks nice and work-friendly. And this tie, which was a gift from my brother-in-law, matches well with the shirt pattern. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

#tiethursday – Jan 16 – Rebranding

I know. My first late #tiethursday post. You’ll get over. I had good reason, though.


You see, on Wednesday my company rebranded itself as The Resource. This has been a work in progress for months, and I’m extremely elated to see it released to the public. Getting the opportunity to be hands-on for a project like this so early in my career has been a blessing and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I originally wanted to find a tie that matched the blue from the logo, but couldn’t find the right one. This tie, which I received from my lovely wife, does contain most of the colors we now call our own. The tie clip does say “Thursday” in case you were wondering.

Check out our new site, let me know what you think.

Cooper River Bridge Run, 6.2 Miles in pictures.

The Start (40 minutes later than usual).

1 Mile.

2 Miles.

3 Miles.

4 Miles.

5 Miles.

6 Miles.

Done in 47 minutes.

Too tired to smile, obviously.

I’ve switched over all blogging efforts to

Take a visit, it’s all about the Charlotte 49ers!

Forgive me?

I haven’t updated in, what, 3 months? That’s terrible.

I’ll start posting again shortly, hopefully.

In the meantime, here’s an adorable picture of our new cat, Twitter:

Twitter drinks from Kenzies bowl.

Twitter drinks from Kenzie's bowl.

I knew I felt different on Friday!

April 17th was a really good day. It was the day after I got a job with Inmar, so I was already in a good place. Jenn took me out to lunch at a nice restaurant and the parents took us out for Japanese that night. It was just a great day all around.

But, I felt different all day, and I couldn’t figure out why. Now I know.

I WOKE UP CANADIAN!!! How awesome is that? I am now eligible to be a citizen of both the United States and Canada! I can be both arrogant and overly-friendly at once! With two Canadian parents, I am definitely eligible, and all I have to do is send in my information, write a check for $75 and then I’ll receive my certification that I’m a bonafide Canadian.

This all raises interesting questions. For example, who do I cheer for in the Olympics? I technically have allegiances to both nations now.

Should I go back to being a Leafs fan? Heavens no, I don’t enjoy misery.

So, all of my friends that are already Canadian, I hope you will welcome me with open arms and a nice bowl of poutine, because i’m ready to be Canadian.

How much money do I have in change?

Time for a little contest.

As most of you may know, I’m unemployed at the moment. No need to harp on it, but the reason I mentioned that is because I’m fairly broke these days. Any money I have is good money.

So when I realized that my coin and penny jars I’ve had since childhood were full, I wondered just exactly how much money I had in change. I started putting my change aside at a very young age in hopes that one day I’d accumulate enough to buy something worthwhile. I was right, I DO have enough money to buy something worthwhile. But just how much do I have?

The person closest to the actual answer by March 1st, 2009 will win a prize. Of sorts. Either way, its still fun.



The block on the far left is quarters stacked in fours.

The block in the middle is dimes stacked in fives.

The block on the right is nickels stacked in fives.

The coins in the middle are half dollars, gold dollars, and left over nickels, dimes and quarters.

The jar of pennies is shown in the back, you have to guess that amount.

Picture is clickable for a better look.

So do the math, and then guess the pennies. YOU COULD BE A WINNER!!!

Bungee Jumping vs. Sky Diving

Let’s play pretend.

You now live in a strange world. Before you are allowed to get a license/be a citizen/be employed/get married/etc., you must pass a test of courage.

You have two options: Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving.

Bungee Jumping would seem like the easiest choice. But, think of all the possibilities. The chord could snap. SPLAT. The chord could wrap your neck. SNAP. The chord could overstretch. THUD. And of course, all of the connections and straps on your harness could break as well. Either way, there’s a good chance you could die and/or be seriously hurt.

Sky Diving seems more dangerous at first. But, there’s really only one thing that can go wrong. The parachute (and back-up) doesn’t open. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (breath) AAAAAAHHHHHH….SPLAT. That would be one hell of a long ride just to die at the end. Truly terrifying.

So, which one do you choose? All those who don’t make a choice will be thrown into jail and forced to watch Gigli, Battlefied Earth and The Adventures of Pluto Nash over and over again.

Why I love Calvin & Hobbes – it still applies today.

This Calvin & Hobbes strip from fifteen years ago is perfectly applicable to the economy today. Thanks goes to Greg Mankiw’s blog, where it was originally posted. I just wanted to share it with everyone else.

I need to be subsidized!

I need to be subsidized!