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#tiethursday – Jan 16 – Rebranding

I know. My first late #tiethursday post. You’ll get over. I had good reason, though.


You see, on Wednesday my company rebranded itself as The Resource. This has been a work in progress for months, and I’m extremely elated to see it released to the public. Getting the opportunity to be hands-on for a project like this so early in my career has been a blessing and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I originally wanted to find a tie that matched the blue from the logo, but couldn’t find the right one. This tie, which I received from my lovely wife, does contain most of the colors we now call our own. The tie clip does say “Thursday” in case you were wondering.

Check out our new site, let me know what you think.

Commercial of the Year (so far) – Black Diamond Harley Davidson “JAMBA!”

Where to begin with this locally-run Super Bowl spot? It comes from Illinois, land of Rod BLAGAHGHOVICH, and boy is it a doozy.

There’s good animation, hot girls, mustaches, the phrases “butt on a bike” and “crooked politicians”, so I don’t know what else to say, but DANCE!

Of course, their website can be found here, just in case you’re interested in purchasing your own Harley Davidson!

This one uses some of the same clips, but is just as funny. OMAGA!!

Snuggie Bandwagon – I have to jump on

What a internet phenomenon this direct response TV ad has brought about, huh? The Snuggie, the blanket that apparantly solves almost all of your problems, has been a major hit for Allstar Marketing Group, the company that has brought you previous hits such as the Topsy Turvy tomato planter. With millions already sold and the products flying off the shelves, its amazing that this simple, “why didn’t I think of that?” product has been successful.

I mean, honestly, it really is a robe you put on backwards.

The Snuggie’s success is all possible because of that quirky advertisement we’ve all seen one hundred times.

  • You’re heating bill too high? Get a Snuggie.
  • Is there a constant blue haze around you? Get a Snuggie.
  • You find yourself too stupid to watch TV while using a blanket? Get a Snuggie.
  • Want to embarrass your young child in public at a sporting event? Get a Snuggie.
She didn't have arms anyway!

She didn't have arms anyway!

Doesn’t the commercial say “one-size fits all?” I’ll be damned if that Snuggie isn’t devouring that poor child alive. And in public.

Truth be told, the company that produced the ad admitted to AdAge that the ad was “over the top” on purpose. A good move, in my opinion, because it creates a personality for the brand.

Most Direct Response products are genuinely lame and unnecessary, just like the Snuggie, but in this instance the quirky ad has brought more attention than Allstar Marketing could have ever expected. Without the lame opening and scenes with creepy old men and public shame, the Snuggie would be seen as yet another waste of advertising effort.

They do look comfy, even if they are a ripoff of the Slanket.

Kobe Bryant pitches Ankle Insurance

I have to give it to Nike for this one. Love the new “viral” video for the new Zoom Kobe IV basketball shoes. While it’s completely random throughout (a plastic horse, wtf!?), it is an interesting and creative way to advertise a new pair of shoes.

The premise is simple, Kobe is the “President and CEO and CFO and CMO” selling “Ankle Insurance” to anyone who plays basketball or knows a loved one that plays basketball. My favorite parts are the “woah, boy” to the fake horse; the “broken ankles can strike anywhere and at anytime to anyone….anywhere and anytime” line, and of course the exploding mannequin ankle. While I’m not about to go and purchase a new pair of basketball shoes, this video is a definite winner in my book, and helps further improve Kobe’s image.

Watch it for yourself and for gosh sakes, leave some comments here!

Charlotte 49ers FSL poster – I got chills

Once I saw on that the AD was sending these posters out, I got excited. I even bought a frame ahead of time so I would be ready when it arrived. All I need to do now is purchase a good background or matte.

It says “Traditions last for generations. I helped start this one.”

You bet I did!

2013 cant come soon enough.

2013 can't come soon enough.

This was a nice touch by the Athletic Department to remind us that we need to save up our money to buy our FSLs. It’s hopefully just one of many ways they’ll show us their appreciation for helping start the program even when money is tighter than its been in years.

Killed by Saved by Zero!


I came upon this video, and it made me chuckle, especially since we all know my hatred of Toyota’s recent “Saved By Zero” commercial campaign. Ugh. Just thinking about that commercial makes me flash back to commercial breaks during football games. One of my favorite moments of the season was hearing a bunch of VT students start singing the song when the game went to TV timeout. We had all become so accustomed to the timing of the commercial that it was second nature. Anyway, watch the video, you’ll laugh.

Saaaaaavvvvveeeedddd Byyyyyy ZEEEERRRROOOOOOO……..

Saved By Zero – Worst. Commercial. EVER.

I know I’m late to the party, but I absolutely hate this commercial with a passion. Every time it comes on, I have to change the channel. But I swear, one time I changed the channel and ran into the commercial again.

What Creative Department thought of this ad and then approved it? How did Toyota say, “oh yah! looks good!”?

I’m serious, this has to be a mistake. Like, the ad agency was joking around or something, and Toyota thought it was awesome.

Toyota thinks the ad is GREAT, but it’s most definitely not.

Watch for yourself, and then join the facebook group to voice your concern!

Cash For Gold USA – R U SERIOUS?

Came upon this TV ad through adfreak, and it truly amazes me.

The ad, which is real and appears on C4G’s website under “As Seen On TV”, encourages stealing gold from your dead and/or dying relatives. I love hearing the old woman go, “give me back my teeth!”

Stay away from me though, I have no gold fillings.

Considering I’m posting this on my blog, it’s reaching viral status and Cash For Gold has fulfilled its goal of becoming more well known.

JC Penney “Speed Dressing” – Big mistake or Awesome viral?

Just last month, JC Penney, Epoch Films, and Saatchi & Saatchi won a Bronze Lion at Cannes for a provocative, funny, and creative commercial. While this would seem worthy of a celebration, JC Penney was instead livid and forced all those involved to make apologies. Why was JC Penney so angry? The spot had never been approved nor aired on television at all!

There is speculation that the commercial, which depicts two teenagers “speed dressing” in anticipation of parental interruption, was created and submitted by a former employee. JC Penney quickly had the spot de-nominated, forced Epoch to forfeit the award, made everyone involved apologize, and demanded Saatchi to do all it could to remove the copies of the spot on the Internet (which is why you can’t find it on youtube anymore).

But is there more to the story? While it may seem that JC Penney was the victim, there’s a solid chance that this is viral marketing via controversy employed perfectly. With the commercial’s short life on the Internet, JC Penney was on teenagers’ computer screens more than ever before. Instead of being viewed as a strictly conservative (and arguably boring) brand, all of a sudden JC Penney’s image was racy and appealing to teens.

Some say any publicity is good publicity, and perhaps this “bad” publicity was all part of an elaborate and well-planned campaign to draw attention to a brand seldom in the spotlight. If it was…kudos to all involved, you’ve earned it.

Read more and view the ad here (while you can)

My HP Laptop is stupid.

Back in freshman year of college I received a great gift from Santa: a super awesome HP zd series 17″ laptop with all sorts of super powers/USB drives/firewire/DVD burner. Yep, it was fantastic.

Within a year, it wasn’t as awesome as I had originally thought.

It began to overheat turn off intermittently all the time. In fact, the only time my computer would stay on for long periods of time was when I had it propped up and in open air. Basically, I couldn’t use at my relatively closed in desk at school or home. When took it to a local computer repair shop, they basically opened it up and cleaned out the fans, allowing it to breathe easier. That helped for awhile.

But then it started having again.

And then my hard drive failed.

And then my motherboard failed.

And then one yellow line appeared on my LCD.

And then 20 multi-colored lines appeared on my LCD.

What a piece of junk. Computers should be built to last 3 years before developing problems like that. Actually, they shouldn’t develop problems like that in the first place.

Lo and behold earlier this year I received a mysterious letter from some lawyers asking me if I wanted to be entered into a Class Action Lawsuit against HP. The argument was that the video card causes the system to overheat, turn off intermittently, and eventually destroy the motherboard. Gee golly, that’s exactly what happened to mine!

What’s really sad about all this is that HP probably knew they were distributing poor laptops and didn’t do anything about it until it became a court issue.

Recently, a box appeared at my door from HP with instructions on how to ship my computer to HP for a free repair. Did it include a letter of apology? No. A letter of acknowledgement? Nope. What about a letter stating the reason I was being shipped a box? Not even that.

I signed my name onto the Class Action Suit, don’t hear a word, few months later I receive a box.

Instead of turning me into a loyal HP customer by admitting a mistake and vocally offering to fix the problem, HP has lost me as a customer forever by being stubborn and non-proactive.

So what? Big deal, ONE customer. But consider this, my future family and I will likely average a new laptop/computer every 3 years or so. At $1500 a piece, that adds up to a lot of money. From now until I’m sixty that ends up being almost $20,000! That’s not even considering printers, accessories, and the off chance that I begin my own business someday and I need to outfit that office with computers!

Good customer service is knowing that losing one customer could be huge loss of potential profits.

So what’d I do? I got a MacBook, with a free iPod touch. Not bad, eh?