On Interviewing and Seeking Employment…

As most of you know, I recently accepted a position and began working at Inmar, CMS Promotions Logistics in Winston-Salem.

What do I do?

Well, I’m an Account Representative in the A-segment in Client Operations. Jason…..what?

Basically my job is to invoice the manufacturers and pay the retailers for coupons used by consumers. Got it? Good.

But now that I’m fully employed and on the training regimen, I can finally say what I want about the whole interviewing process.

First off, it sucks. Its a game, and it really isn’t worth it if you don’t know anyone who can give you a solid recommendation and reference. While you may get a job by applying as many places as possible, your best bet is to exhaust all of your contacts. My reference came from one of Jenn’s co-workers. Look everywhere you can.

Secondly, the people you’re interviewing with could be jerks. I’m serious. Don’t think that everybody likes you and won’t let you down. I’m an extremely trusting person and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I have to admit I was a little let down.

For those conducting interviews, please respond to emails and keep the candidates updated. This is extremely frustrating. I had countless thank you emails go unanswered regardless of being invited back to interview a second time. This is extremely unprofessional. I even had one company not call or email after the SECOND interview. They specifically told me, “We’ll be in touch with you next week.”

I wanted anxiously on Monday… and then Tuesday… and then Wednesday… I emailed on Thursday to keep in touch… hear nothing on Friday. On the following Monday I called and left a message with my interviewer. I never heard back. No courtesy email, not even the standard form ones. What a joke.

In addition, if you’re conducting interviews be wary of the things you say. The previously mentioned interviewer also remarked that she worked with “complete idiots” and “hated her job somedays.” Tell me again, why am I interviewing here? You hire idiots and you hate your job?! Sign me up!

The best feeling I had during this entire process was the last week of unemployment. I had two offers on the table. After almost half a year of searching and interviewing resulting in countless rejections, I had TWO offers. When I sent one company an email notifying them that I would not be accepting their offer, I got this email in reply…

Thank you for message Jason.  We decided to pursue another candidate, since we didn’t hear back from you.  We hope that you made the right decision and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

I have a few problems with this email.

  • I was in contact with them. They gave me no deadline, and it had only been a few days since the last conversation.
  • Why does she feel the need to mention “another candidate”? I can’t think of any reason other than to try and make me feel bad and her feel better. It is simply unnecessary.
  • Oh yah, they “hope that [I] made the right decision”. Another unnecessary statement.

If I ever receive an email rejecting my offer. I am going to keep it simple…

Thanks for letting me know. While it is not what I had hoped, I am sure you are making the best choice for your career goals. Best of luck, Jason.



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  1. Happy 2 Month Birthday, Jason’s last post. Happy Birthday to you!

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