I knew I felt different on Friday!

April 17th was a really good day. It was the day after I got a job with Inmar, so I was already in a good place. Jenn took me out to lunch at a nice restaurant and the parents took us out for Japanese that night. It was just a great day all around.

But, I felt different all day, and I couldn’t figure out why. Now I know.

I WOKE UP CANADIAN!!! How awesome is that? I am now eligible to be a citizen of both the United States and Canada! I can be both arrogant and overly-friendly at once! With two Canadian parents, I am definitely eligible, and all I have to do is send in my information, write a check for $75 and then I’ll receive my certification that I’m a bonafide Canadian.

This all raises interesting questions. For example, who do I cheer for in the Olympics? I technically have allegiances to both nations now.

Should I go back to being a Leafs fan? Heavens no, I don’t enjoy misery.

So, all of my friends that are already Canadian, I hope you will welcome me with open arms and a nice bowl of poutine, because i’m ready to be Canadian.


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  1. So that means if you visit me in British Columbia they’ll tell you “Welcome Home” at the border?

  2. The Jerk that got let into the family

    Just goes to show we, as Canadians, have no standards. We will let anybody in, provided that you pay your taxes, drink real beer – GO HABS GO!!!!!

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