Time to declare a winner.

I know.

I’ve been absent.

Really, life hasn’t been busy. I’ve just been, well, unmotivated to write on here. Things are so-so in J Felt’s world. I didn’t get the job with Wildfire in Winston that I REALLY wanted, but alas, there WILL BE others.

On the flipside, I am going to be Tom’s best man when he weds Mary later this year. Such an honor. I never really thought I’d ever get to be a best man for any one, but this is pretty sweet.

However, March 1st passed a long time ago. And I never declared a winner in my “Count the change” contest. So, I will now.

The actual final amount was $81.74. Yep, enough money to actually buy something of use.

Of course, the closest guess was from MeckCharlotte of $81. However, since her answer was given on March 3rd, past the deadline, her answer is disqualified.

Therefore, Adam Peter Shinn, or Pete Wurthy, is our winner with a close guess of $86!!!

Adam will be receiving his prize shortly.

Worst guess was from Justin Ritchie, who guessed $20. He’ll be winning his own book.


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  1. I do plan to write a book about the experience I had in guessing the coin pile’s value.

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