How much money do I have in change?

Time for a little contest.

As most of you may know, I’m unemployed at the moment. No need to harp on it, but the reason I mentioned that is because I’m fairly broke these days. Any money I have is good money.

So when I realized that my coin and penny jars I’ve had since childhood were full, I wondered just exactly how much money I had in change. I started putting my change aside at a very young age in hopes that one day I’d accumulate enough to buy something worthwhile. I was right, I DO have enough money to buy something worthwhile. But just how much do I have?

The person closest to the actual answer by March 1st, 2009 will win a prize. Of sorts. Either way, its still fun.



The block on the far left is quarters stacked in fours.

The block in the middle is dimes stacked in fives.

The block on the right is nickels stacked in fives.

The coins in the middle are half dollars, gold dollars, and left over nickels, dimes and quarters.

The jar of pennies is shown in the back, you have to guess that amount.

Picture is clickable for a better look.

So do the math, and then guess the pennies. YOU COULD BE A WINNER!!!


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  1. I’m thinking you have $28.94

  2. temporaryname

    $71.60 plus pennies so just about $90.

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