From the Memory Bin – Sixth Grade New Love (#2)

And we return back to the series.

This entry comes to us straight from sixth grade, a year full of drama, new friends, NWO/WCW obsession and of course, young love. I had at least two, maybe three girlfriends that year, if I remember correctly. I believe two of them had the same name.

Signed by “G” over the erased original name, it is obvious that this love letter signaled the beginning of a new, but apparently forbidden love. Read below, and as usual, the names have been changed (except for my own):

DO Not Show to Anyone!!!

Haha, too late for that.

Dear JG (JGilfish13),

That movie yesterday was sort of cool how they carve pictures in gold. Sorry I couldn’t talk to you last night and sorry I can’t go to the dance (I didn’t know this was going to happen, you know, us two going out). Anyways, I haven’t told my parents yet, have you!?? I am probably not going to because it ([Thomas]) was making me get bad grades and my parents would probably get mad.

Well, this is going well so far. She’s not going to tell her parents about me? What was sixth grade Jason thinking here? And [Thomas] was one of my good friends, why am I going after his ex? Terrible.

I was kind of glad [Thomas] dumped me because now I’m getting good grades and because while I was dating him I thought you and [Will] were a tad bit fine (Don’t tell [Thomas] or [Will] and don’t take it to heart/tell no one what I have just said).

This is the weirdest start to a relationship. Sixth grade was messed up. I’m about to date my friend’s ex, and she had a crush on me and our mutual friend while she was dating [Thomas]. On top of that, I can’t “take it to heart” that I’m a “tad bit fine”?

So wuz up! I liked the substitute, did U?!? Sorry I keep changing the subject there’s just not much to talk about. Oh no, I’m starting to sound like [Wendy]! “God help me!!!”
Anyways gotta stop writing.

Love Ya!,

Have to love the abrupt subject change there. She had obviously grown nervous and anxious about the subject matter and no longer wanted to discuss it. Strange reaction considering this was a letter and not a face-to-face conversation.

Honestly, what was I doing? There were tons of warning signs here, and if this were modern times, I would never do such a thing like date my friend’s ex-girlfriend! Even if she had a crush on me while dating him!

Oh wait, I guess it’s true, somethings never change.

Have you revisited your Memory Bin lately? We all have one, tell me about it!


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  1. i love this. my entire 8th grade year i saved every note i received. they are hilarious to read through now.

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