Jurassic Park Pet Peeve #1: Where did the T Rex come from?!

Alright, as many of you already know, I am a big-time Jurassic Park fan. I have been a dinosaur nut my entire life, and that movie elevated it to new heights when I was little kid. I wanted everything JP, the toys, the books, the collectibles, you name it, I wanted it. I drew pictures of Velociraptors and held mock dino-battles between Tyrannosaurs and Triceratops like it was my job.

I wanted to be Timmy. The idea of being able to lock a Raptor in the kitchen was hard to imagine. Even more amazing was that he had a sprained ankle and being chased by a blood thirsty killer as fast as a cheetah.

As I’m older now, I’ve grown up a little and realize that the movie isn’t all that great.

Forget that. It’s the best movie ever. The CGI and puppet work in that movie has yet to be matched, in my opinion. There’s very few moments where the audience says, “that’s obviously a computer animated image.” Part of me things that because it was one of the first movies to truly rely on lifelike computer animation, they pulled out all the stops to achieve perfection.

But even so, there are still moments in the movie that bug me. I won’t say the obvious, which is Alan Grant somehow rescuing Timmy using poor CPR methods and saying, “dammit Tim!” while Lex runs around because she’s been completely unuseful at anything and everything up until that point. At least Timmy does cool stuff like use night-vision goggles. Lex’ big moments to that point were 1) attracting the T Rex to the car with a flashlight and 2) being sneezed on by a Brachiosaur. Yes, I digressed, and I am a big JP dork.

I’ll begin with the first my first Pet Peeve from JP, “WHERE THE HELL DID THAT TYRANNOSAURUS REX COME FROM?!?!”

You know the scene. Alan, Ellie and the kids are about to be gutted by two ferocious Raptors in the lobby when all of a sudden they’re saved by the suddenly heroic T Rex (yes, it should technically be T. rex, but bite me). Sounds good, right? No.

I’m guessing that earlier in the movie, off camera, the Tyrannosaur learns how to be a ninja. Otherwise, how the hell does she just show up unnoticed to the party? Beforehand, the big girl couldn’t even sneak up on a goat without causing convenient warning circles in cups of water. I mean, honestly, who does Spielberg think he’s kidding? A 6 ton T Rex, one that couldn’t go five minutes without asserting its dominance with an unnecessary roar, has the ability to enter the lobby unbeknownst to the four humans and two extremely intelligent raptors? Right.

And then, the “super intelligent” raptor that didn’t die just decides, “Hey! You killed my sister, you’re a six ton jerk. I’m going to do something incredibly dumb and attack you rather than grabbing a small child and running away!”

And let’s not forget that Alan and co. just stand there for what seems like an eternity watching the T Rex thrash the Raptor around. Newsflash, people, you’re the weakest link in the lobby. You have no talons and weigh less than 500 lbs combined. There is still a 6 ton monster in front of you, and a highly intelligent killing machine behind you. GET OUT.

Eventually, they do, thanks to the idiotic Raptor going after a T Rex, and lo-and-behold there’s John and Ian with the Jeep just pulling up outside! Imagine if they had arrive 30 seconds earlier. They would have been attacked by the T Rex, leaving the Velociraptors there to slice and dice Alan and co. The original ending did not contain the T Rex, and I wish it had stayed that way, but then we wouldn’t have had that iconic scene with a flying dead Raptor and a roaring Tyrannosaur (there she goes again, asserting her dominance) as the “When dinosaurs ruled the Earth” banner falls from the ceiling. Give me a break.

I could see a ninja Raptor, but not a T Rex.

I guess she snuck in through that hole in the wall.

I guess she crawled in through that hole in the wall.

Do you have any Jurassic Park Pet Peeves? Comments are welcome!


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  1. I don’t like how the movie inspired a generation of scientists devoted to bringing back prehistoric animals… now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play with my pet mammoth.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought I was the only one who had problems with Jurassic Park!! This is great news. I totally agree with you about JP being one of the best movies ever, but the scientific inaccuracies make me angry. Here are my problems:\
    1. T Rex is about too big. AND they can’t run 40 mph (remember the scene where they’re all in the jeep and have to switch into 4th gear just to escape her?). AND they don’t hunt by movement (whenever she’s around they stand still). AND although you could probably tell when a T Rex was coming, it wouldn’t be terribly obvious like it is in the movie. The fiercest predator of all time announces itself while hunting so all of the other animals can run away?! Don’t think so.
    2. The velociraptors are also way too big. Scientists now believe that they were no larger than a big dog. The dinosaur in the movie was more like a Utahraptor. AND raptors, although very smart for dinosaurs, would never have been smart enough to open the kitchen door. AND raptor doesn’t mean bird of prey, it means to take.
    3. Bracciosaurus is ALSO too large. Gosh.
    4. No way you can get fluids from a 65 million year old mosquito found in amber. Plus, the only place you can get amber from that time period is in New Jersey, not in a mine in Africa (or wherever they are). And why use frog DNA to fill in the sequence? Why not bird DNA? Dinosaurs evolved into birds anyway so it makes the most sense.
    I could go on forever, but I’ll quit ranting, I feel better :]
    And now I want to go watch Jurassic Park!

  3. A great read. I too thought the T-rex ending was ludicrous. Just where did it come from? That’s the same question my younger brother asked when he saw that part.

    And you’re right. It never occurred to me that Hammond arrived just in time with his jeep. But then again, it’s just a movie. Movies always stray from reality.

  4. wankers, speilberg got a liscence to make the raptors a bit bigger to make them scarier, the dienonychus hadnt been found yet so the velociraptor was the only thing around that looked like the super intelligent bird like dinousar it was, and you gotta admit what would the movie had been if it had turkey sizes raptors running around instead. And the t rex ending, who gives a shit, if u had a raptor infront of you would u be thinking about something outside of the scenario, no. when the t rex ate the goat and its foot steps could be heard the was dead silence in the air and not a thing else to be heard. At the end theres raptors snarling and people screaming and the rexes footsteps got dround out. But even if you do think other wise, the ending was an iconic moment in movie history, name one movie u can think of that has an ending that makes u say ” oh fuck, that cunt is awsome”, rex is a superstar he doesnt have to have a reason for anything. And the t rex jeep part, they didnt know, its like how back in the old days they used to say smokes were good for you, now we know other wise. So think to your self for a second and say ” whoa, what the hell am i doing, why am i bagging out one of the best movies ever made” Picking out the flaws and saying bad things about this movie is..ludicrous FULL STOP

  5. Well about the T-rex sight and the size of the raptors, it is a side effect from the cloning process after using frog DNA to fill out the missing DNA gaps.

    As for where the T-rex came from..

    A wizard did it. Yes Hammond is a wizard, his cane is magical.

  6. smokeybluntroach

    yeah i have a pet peeve…. the power goes down, the trex breaks through the fence, rampages, and pushes a jeep down a cliff through a hole in the fence that the trex walked through. and then alan journeys down the cliff and its a long 50-100 ft. drop. but there was that goat at ground level right next to them. “where did the goat go?” maybe it broke free and jumped down the 50-100 ft. cliff. thats right there.

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