Snuggie Bandwagon – I have to jump on

What a internet phenomenon this direct response TV ad has brought about, huh? The Snuggie, the blanket that apparantly solves almost all of your problems, has been a major hit for Allstar Marketing Group, the company that has brought you previous hits such as the Topsy Turvy tomato planter. With millions already sold and the products flying off the shelves, its amazing that this simple, “why didn’t I think of that?” product has been successful.

I mean, honestly, it really is a robe you put on backwards.

The Snuggie’s success is all possible because of that quirky advertisement we’ve all seen one hundred times.

  • You’re heating bill too high? Get a Snuggie.
  • Is there a constant blue haze around you? Get a Snuggie.
  • You find yourself too stupid to watch TV while using a blanket? Get a Snuggie.
  • Want to embarrass your young child in public at a sporting event? Get a Snuggie.
She didn't have arms anyway!

She didn't have arms anyway!

Doesn’t the commercial say “one-size fits all?” I’ll be damned if that Snuggie isn’t devouring that poor child alive. And in public.

Truth be told, the company that produced the ad admitted to AdAge that the ad was “over the top” on purpose. A good move, in my opinion, because it creates a personality for the brand.

Most Direct Response products are genuinely lame and unnecessary, just like the Snuggie, but in this instance the quirky ad has brought more attention than Allstar Marketing could have ever expected. Without the lame opening and scenes with creepy old men and public shame, the Snuggie would be seen as yet another waste of advertising effort.

They do look comfy, even if they are a ripoff of the Slanket.


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  1. The snuggie looks inferior to the slanket

  2. Holy shit! Actual ad companies make these p.o.s. commericals? I thought a couple of crackheads with access to a camera (and apparently, if worryingly, to old people) was responsible for commercials like this.

    I take it you’ve seen the WTF Blanket parody on youtube.

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