From the Memory Bin – Falling in Love with a Smile (#1)

In this new segment/series/miniseries/study/exploration. I’ll be sharing some of the old letters I’ve found while cleaning out the back closet. Now, my mother would rather I just go ahead and throw stuff out rather than writing a blog, but that’s no fun. While reviewing these, I hope to find a better picture of where I came from, and where I’ve been. Truth be told, I don’t feel anything like that young teenager in 6th grade anymore. I feel that my personality has been flipped on its head, but perhaps this exploration will prove otherwise.

This letter comes from 9th grade, my freshman year in High School. That would put me at 14 to 15 years old, obsessed with an orange hat, and making new friends that I never met in middle school. Basketball Steve was my arch-nemesis, I was forming my first band, soccer was becoming less important, and dating was becoming an even more exciting prospect with dances, houseparties, and the like all coming into play. This particular note comes from one of my girlfriends that year, but we would later be more involved the following summer. She must have written me this during class.

I have changed the names to avoid embarrassment.


hey homey G! wuzza? Today has been really weird. I am in biology now, I just got back from spending the entire 3rd period in the attendance office trying to fix all my absences. Then they got all mad at me because my wasn’t “appropriate.” That beyotch is just jealous. Ah, well… Now I’m really tired and I just want to go home… I talked to [Robb] earlier. I got to sign his yearbook. I just, didn’t know what to say. That whole situation is really WEIRD and its just making it harder for me to leave. Like it won’t be hard enough leaving you – sexy Jason Feltis!!! oh well, I have a feeling we will keep in touch. -Hey!- I finally got to write you…hehe. Well, despite all my bad luck, I hope you have a wonderful day!

“Be happy cuz you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!”



Now, reading this letter, does this sound like a girl I would be dating today? Wowzers. Inappropriate shirts. Problems with attendance. Thinking I’m sexy. Woah.

Strange times in high school. Strange times indeed.

BTW, if you wrote this letter and want it removed, I’ll take it off, of course.


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