Kobe Bryant pitches Ankle Insurance

I have to give it to Nike for this one. Love the new “viral” video for the new Zoom Kobe IV basketball shoes. While it’s completely random throughout (a plastic horse, wtf!?), it is an interesting and creative way to advertise a new pair of shoes.

The premise is simple, Kobe is the “President and CEO and CFO and CMO” selling “Ankle Insurance” to anyone who plays basketball or knows a loved one that plays basketball. My favorite parts are the “woah, boy” to the fake horse; the “broken ankles can strike anywhere and at anytime to anyone….anywhere and anytime” line, and of course the exploding mannequin ankle. While I’m not about to go and purchase a new pair of basketball shoes, this video is a definite winner in my book, and helps further improve Kobe’s image.

Watch it for yourself and for gosh sakes, leave some comments here!


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    The yelling guy was my favorite part.

  2. This is awesome! The mannequin’s ankles exploding had me laughing incredibly loud.

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