My random music suggestion – Julia Nunes

As I’m sitting up here in Blacksburg, VA waiting for Jenn to get back from an exam, I decided I would not only update the look of my page, but also write a new post!

A while back, Jim Duncan, a key part of the reason we’re getting college football in Charlotte, posted a Youtube video of one, Julia Nunes, playing Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” on ukulele. (btw, i always thought it was spelled U-K-E-L-E-L-E, i was wrong)

Anyway, I loved her voice and personality and was immediately drawn to watch her videos. I loved her cover of Counting Crows “Accidentally In Love” and was hooked. Now I’ve given her CD of originals, Left, Right, Wrong, a few listens and I am impressed for sure. Her lyrics can be extremely truthful and cutting, which is probably why I like her so much. Her sound is, in the best way I can say it, true. When listening, I can picture her on stage, or on a couch in a living room, but definitely not in a studio, and I like that.

So check her out… and watch the video below:

Words I mispelled while writing this post…you’re (your), immediately (immediatly), ukulele (ukelele), accidentally (accidently), and from (form). I should work on that.


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  1. Where is she from? It looks like she’s wearing a Charlotte sweatshirt in her Mr. Brightside video.

    • She’s from Fairpoint, NY, and while at first it does appear to be a Charlotte sweatshirt, it’s not.

      It’s something…A-D-O-T-T I think.

      We should send her one, and ask her to sing the fight song.

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