UNC Charlotte’s front entrance looks great, except…

I love my school. Let’s get that out of the way.

But sometimes, we just make stupid decisions/mistakes.

For example, our school colors are GREEN and WHITE, and maybe even sometimes GOLD and BLACK. But not PURPLE.

I sure hope there’s an explanation for this picture taken September 27 after the men’s soccer game.

Perhaps we're showing our support for ECU? We're all "UNC" right?!?!

Perhaps we're showing our support for ECU? We're all "UNC" right?!


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  1. Doesn’t it rotate colors? I did notice it was purple the other night.

  2. I thought it rotated colors. However, I drove by the other night on 49, and the entire time it was in view it was purple. What, in any way, does purple have to do with the University? I realize the SAC tower has similar colors in the cracks around the clock. But those are cracks and not a giant glowing beacon at our university entrance.

    …This bothers me.

  3. I think the color change has to do with the upcoming Breast Cancer awareness event.

  4. Jason, slow it down with the updates, man. My head’s spinning and I just can’t keep up with the onslaught of updates to your page. It’s ridiculousness!

  5. This was definitely a response to Breast Cancer Awareness.

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