Searching for Employment – Jan ’09

Most of you may know I’m graduating in December 2008 from The University of (North Carolina at) Charlotte with a BSBA in Marketing. While I’m extremely excited about this, it also means its about time I started looking for full time employment starting January ’09.

In this spirit, I’m announcing the start of my job search here.

I’ll be updating my online resume shortly.

In addition, any leads in the fields of advertising, sales, music, sports, or fun are more than welcome. In fact, I’m open to any leads at all. Preferably, I’ll be able to stay within an hour and a half or so of Charlotte, NC, since I love that city so much. So Greensboro is definitely on the plate.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Oh, so you’re looking for a job? That’s awesome.

    Fine. See if I try and expose your secret access to an awesome time machine.

    Let’s not forget that I haven’t updated my own blog since, forever.

  2. Har dee har har.

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