Ritchie Rozzelle’s Words of Wisdom

On Friday I finished up my internship at CoyneBeahmShouse, and I was moved by all the nice compliments I received from every one on my last day. I know I’ll miss them, and I do hope I left a big enough impact that they’ll miss me.

I learned a lot about marketing and advertising, which is what I set out to do. But I also learned about working in real life and a lot about where I fit in.

Anyhoo, two co-workers and friends, Jennifer Dupell and Ritchie Rozzelle, decided to give me a going away present. Instead of just handing me a wrapped present, they hid it in the woods and gave me some coordinates and clues to go find it with Jenn’s GPS. It took a couple phone calls since Ritchie and Jenn (my gf)’s GPS didn’t want to match, but finally we stumbled upon on Saturday (Aug 15th) in the afternoon. It was a really nifty lamp and a old-school whistle inside.

"a tree with a V and some rocks you can see"

Also included were a picture of possible spoiler concepts for my car, and some words of wisdom from Ritchie himself. I’ll leave you with those…

“Now, go forth –
Be cool.
Be a dude.
Stay in school.
Don’t be lude
(in public).”

Thanks Ritchie and Jenn!


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