Pandora Radio, is it done?

Pandora Radio is one of the best things to ever hit the Internet. Especially if you’re a music fan.

I’ve been exposed to plenty of new artists since I started listening, and that has turned into actual purchases of concert tickets and CDs. Apparantly, that’s not good enough. SoundExchange, who represents recording artists and their greedy labels, is attempting to get even more money for each time Pandora plays a song. How does this even make sense?

The best way for a recording artist to make money is to go on successful tours, sell merchandise and become a recognized figure to for sponsorships and such, NOT sell records. The RIAA and SoundExchange’s business models are so broken. Pandora is basically spreading the word about their artists for free, in fact, currently they’re PAYING to spread their Clients’ art around.

FREE PUBLICITY. That’s not enough.

The music business sucks nowadays because the BUSINESS part is still taking over.

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