New TMNT Movie? Yes please.

Last summer there was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CGI movie released. It was fantastic. Even though Jenn, who I dragged along, didn’t find it that exciting, I was super-thrilled the whole way through and probably had more fun watching that movie than I had in a long time.

Maybe you guys did too, but I grew up on Ninja Turtles. I loved the show, had 3 boxes worth of toys (still have them!), and was obsessed with the movies. So of course I was excited last summer to see them come back. I was especially excited to see the movie have a darker theme with more action. The scene where Ralph fights Leo comes to mind. Sure, it was campy, but for a TMNT freak like me, I ate it up.

Now there’s rumors circulating of a new TMNT movie in the works for 2010. Early reports speculate the new film will feature live action, or CG turtles in live action. What a terrible idea. The only way TMNT should continue on is as a CG feature. There’s no need for men to waddle around in awkward rubber suits anymore.

However, these are just early rumors. According to the 5th turtle, yes a blog dedicated to Ninja Turtles, there are talks in the works, but the earliest any move will come out is 2011.

Well, in 2011 I’ll be 25. Is that too old to be psyched about Ninja Turtles?

Add a II and Ill be there opening night!

Add a 'II' and I'll be there opening night!


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  1. Its never to old to stay in love with the movies you grew up watching. Thats basically your background,where you came from what you did when you were a child. Im only 18 but i still got all tmnt movies on dvd and i still watch it with my girlfriend. ITS A KIDS CLASSIC

  2. I’m 28, and still a TMNT fan! I went opening night to see TMNT, and was quite relieved to see other fans my age there. Heck, last Halloween, I went to the local parade as Casey Jones from the First movie! Come on TMNT2!

  3. I am 17 and I dont remember the series that well.I am watching it right now on Youtube.
    U r never to old to be a TMNT fanatic.

  4. Oh! and I found this

  5. Poster of the new movie on google. It wont let me post it on here though.So u guys r gonna have to google it your selves though.

  6. I would love a live action sequal better but I’ll be happy with any turtle seqaul

  7. I am 23, an eighties kid! I love TMNT, they are my sweet childhood memories! But I did not like the CG movie concept that much. First of all, the CG people where too much cartoonish. The problem with CG (and also the year 2000) is that everything can be exaggerated. Superhigh jumps, quick as lighting, massive explosions..They should be called the Super Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in that condition. Second what happend with April? From a helpless newsreporter she turned into a superninja? And I know Raph has a bad tempor, but in the CG movie he is just agressive, even willing to kill his own brother Leo. There goes the concept of being real brothers.In my case for the potential new TMNT movie 2010, bring back the suits, the happy, funny brothers with their Italian accents and their kickass ninja tricks and NOT Super Saiyan killer moves! 😀

  8. i can’t wait as long as they don’t look like shiny balloons like the 3rd one. I wish they would stick to spots or no spots. I hope they keep the same casey if it is human. I love tmnt.

  9. Yeah nah… You are just a baby. I on the other hand ACTUALLY DID grow up with the turtles. I’m 25 now and if u were a real fan u would know 2 things. 1. U are NEVER too old to get psyched over the turtles! And 2. live action is the only way to go if u want a real deal ninja turtle film one throw back. They can do it justice now. Revamp batman style and it will be amazing and u will feel sad for losing faith in live action puppet esque animatronic creepy ass surreal fun that defined the best films of the 80s.

    • P.s. Danno is a fag and should be beaten with an ore for said comments.

      • Are you on drugs Pete? Where you reading over the lines when you read my comments? You probably got mental issues. Even when I hand you the ore, you’ll never get any closer then facing the ground first.

  10. resigned sidekick

    “The only way TMNT should continue on is as a CG feature. There’s no need for men to waddle around in awkward rubber suits anymore.”

    I would have to disagree with that statement. Look at the Spike Jonze’s work on Where The Wild Things Are. He created visually beautiful images by combing suitmation, animatronics, and CGI. I hope they do something similar to that on the new live action film.

  11. Bring back old suits !!

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