Making a 49ers Guitar – Design Exploration 2

After putting those first seven initial designs out there, Jenn and I did some tweaking based on the comments and suggestions.

All bulls-eye designs are out, the 49ers aspect gets lost in the translation, and it would be really hard to paint. We’re definitely doing a bullseye on our next guitar though! In the meantime, here’s seven designs A-G and positioned close to how you would see them being played.. Some you may recognize from the first exploration, some are similar but slightly changed, and some are completely new.

Please note, the headstock will be designed after the body art is picked.

So many to choose from!

So many to choose from!

I’d name them again, but no one uses the names.

Comments/Suggestions always welcome!

I put the first coat of primer on tonight, so expect a post with pics about that coming soon!


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  1. A or C are my favorites. I’m not feelin G. In any case, this is dope.

  2. My vote is B. The logo is big, but it’s still simple. I like it!

  3. I must say, I like F the most.

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