Making a 49ers Guitar – Design Exploration

Now it’s time for a design exploration. I posted our first initial design thought yesterday to get some early comments, and so far things have been positive. However, it would be silly of us to just say, “that’s it, we’re definitely doing that” before testing out some other options.

Here’s seven designs (A-G) that Jenn and I worked out tonight after work in Illustrator. Some are super cool, and of course we have our favorites, but I wanted to get some outside opinions before moving ahead. If you have any suggestions, go ahead and comment or utilize any method you see fit! Names of each design are below the picture (click it to get higher res viewing option).

Options A through G, Round One

Options A through G, Round One

  • A. Big C-pick
  • B. Clear Knobs C-pick
  • C. Knob Line
  • D. Cut Through
  • E. Zakk Wylde-esque
  • F. Splitter
  • G. Resonator

And that’s it, let me know your ideas!

For Part One, click here.
For Part Two, click here.


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  1. Hmm. I think “The Resonator” is my favorite. If you’re going to play it at games it has to be as out there and 49er-ish as possible. Though the Zakk Wylde-esque design is pretty good too. I look forward to seeing how it comes along.

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