Making a 49ers Guitar – Part Two

This is Part Two, or Stage Two. To view Stage One, go here.

Last time you saw my 49ers Guitar, it wasn’t even at all Charlotte related. Heck, there wasn’t even any green on it yet. We’ve made a step forward though.

I spent all morning Sunday getting the guitar ready for it’s first paint job. In order to do that, I had to first disassamble the guitar, a process that proved more confusing than anticipated. I was pulling all the knobs out, and unlike Jenn’s, they were not bolted to a pick guard, and thus could be switched around. This left me wondering…which one is the Volume knob, and which one is the Tone knob? Truth is, Dad and I aren’t 100% which is which now, but we have a good idea. With a little bit of work and some masking tape added to remind us of wire placement later, the guitar was then ready to sand.

Look at the carnage!

Look at the carnage!

With the Ibanez for Jenn, I had to remove all the paint. I had a hunch she may want to stain it, so of course a random red paint blotch would ruin that. Fortunately, I want to paint this one, so all I had to was give it a really good scuffing. Funny thing is, when I did happen to occasionally remove a spot of paint completely, I found that this guitar was in fact assembled from lots of pieces of plywood! Insane! The cool part about sanding is that the guitar looks pretty wicked afterwards.

Almost looks like water marks!

Almost looks like water marks!

Next time I hope to have some possible sketches for the final paint job on this baby. I know for sure we’re going to cover the entire body with a cream/off white color. Until next time!


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  1. temporaryname

    This should be an interesting process. Can’t wait to see the final result. I’m still getting used to the tagging thing.

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