Making a 49ers Guitar – Part One

For Christmas ’06, I wanted to give Jenn a guitar, but I wanted it to be something special. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a super awesome rockin’ guitar, I opted to “put some love and effort” into the gift. Knowing she enjoyed painting and customizing, I sanded all the paint off my beginner Ibanez so she could paint it. The result was beautiful:

beautiful paint job!

beautiful paint job!

So of course, now I want my own customized guitar. I have two demands: A) must be a Les Paul-esque body style and B) must have a 49ers paint scheme. Knowing I will want to play this guitar in Pep Band this fall, I knew a purchase had to be made soon. Luckily, there’s a MusicGoRound in town and I picked up a used guitar today for $70. Yes, $70. It’s an Epoch by Gibson, so it has that Les Paul style body I wanted, and it is going to look sweet with a Niner paint scheme on it. Starting tomorrow I’ll begin dismantling the parts, sanding the body and perfecting the fret board to my liking.

Stay tuned! Here’s the guitar as of right now!

Not bad for $70, but wait for the 49ers paint job!

Not bad for $70, but wait for the 49ers paint job!


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  1. Hey, nice job, that Ibanez GRX40 looks wicked! I’m planning on doing exactly the same thing, how hard was the sanding and staining to do?

    Cheers, Mark.

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