Kitrina Ford – Youtube Star

Browsing Youtube for “UNC Charlotte” related videos, I came across this jem from Kerrigan Skelly, one of the many religious fanatics who stop by campus occassionally and “preach” by yelling really loudly and telling people they’re going to hell.

As I’m watching this video, I see a familiar person holding her hand patiently waiting to ask a question, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was her. Until she got up and started yelling at him. Yep, it was Kitrina. So here she is arguing her case against a man who has no ability to actually listen to other people other than himself.

Kitrina Ford – Youtube Star


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  1. hahahahahahahahaha WOW. I was googling…myself…and THIS came up…Ohhhh wow…I do NOT remember a camera…

    I have a very squeeky “angry voice”

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