Geocaching – Jenn and I’s new hobby

“Oh, we went geocaching.”

This is probably one of the most confusing statements I tell people when they ask me what I did over the a weekend. Chances are the person has no clue what I’m talking about, so I have to go into a somewhat lengthy explanation of what it means to “go geocaching.”

To start off, it’s sort of an elaborate ‘treasure hunt’ of sorts that requires the use of the Internet and a GPS unit. You log on to, and search for caches in a certain area. It’s really useful to use the map function and see clusters of caches together in one area.

But Jason, what’s a cache?

I’m glad you asked! A cache can be anything, really. It can be as small as a chapstick tube or as large as an ammo box! We’ve even found one the size of a five gallon jug! They key is that the cache is hidden in a way that it couldn’t be found by someone not looking for it (we refer to them as ‘muggles’). Almost all caches contain a sheet or small notebook called a ‘log’ where you can write your name and date, and the bigger ones usually contain some geo-swag, small items people are willing to part with. You can take anything you want (except the log!) as long as you leave something of yours.

So where are they hidden?

They’re hidden everywhere. Literally. Most are in the woods in good hiding spots short distances off of walking/hiking trails. However, many caches are hidden in parking lots in very urban areas. There’s one in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Wendover in Greensboro, for example. And one near East Coast Wings off of New Garden. You just have to know where to look. The GPS guides you.

So, as I was saying before you interupted… you log onto to find caches in your area (or the area you will be headed to), and record the given Longitude/Latitude Cordinates into your GPS. It’s that simple.

I know, you probably think this sounds lame and silly. But it truly is an exciting hobby, and the best part usually isn’t finding the cache, it’s discovering trails/areas/sights you never would have been to on your own.

Want to try? Just ask me and Jenn to tag along sometime, we love the company!


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  1. Oh! This explains the weird box I once found on the trials between campus and the library.

  2. hmm. Interesting post bookmarked.

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