My HP Laptop is stupid.

Back in freshman year of college I received a great gift from Santa: a super awesome HP zd series 17″ laptop with all sorts of super powers/USB drives/firewire/DVD burner. Yep, it was fantastic.

Within a year, it wasn’t as awesome as I had originally thought.

It began to overheat turn off intermittently all the time. In fact, the only time my computer would stay on for long periods of time was when I had it propped up and in open air. Basically, I couldn’t use at my relatively closed in desk at school or home. When took it to a local computer repair shop, they basically opened it up and cleaned out the fans, allowing it to breathe easier. That helped for awhile.

But then it started having again.

And then my hard drive failed.

And then my motherboard failed.

And then one yellow line appeared on my LCD.

And then 20 multi-colored lines appeared on my LCD.

What a piece of junk. Computers should be built to last 3 years before developing problems like that. Actually, they shouldn’t develop problems like that in the first place.

Lo and behold earlier this year I received a mysterious letter from some lawyers asking me if I wanted to be entered into a Class Action Lawsuit against HP. The argument was that the video card causes the system to overheat, turn off intermittently, and eventually destroy the motherboard. Gee golly, that’s exactly what happened to mine!

What’s really sad about all this is that HP probably knew they were distributing poor laptops and didn’t do anything about it until it became a court issue.

Recently, a box appeared at my door from HP with instructions on how to ship my computer to HP for a free repair. Did it include a letter of apology? No. A letter of acknowledgement? Nope. What about a letter stating the reason I was being shipped a box? Not even that.

I signed my name onto the Class Action Suit, don’t hear a word, few months later I receive a box.

Instead of turning me into a loyal HP customer by admitting a mistake and vocally offering to fix the problem, HP has lost me as a customer forever by being stubborn and non-proactive.

So what? Big deal, ONE customer. But consider this, my future family and I will likely average a new laptop/computer every 3 years or so. At $1500 a piece, that adds up to a lot of money. From now until I’m sixty that ends up being almost $20,000! That’s not even considering printers, accessories, and the off chance that I begin my own business someday and I need to outfit that office with computers!

Good customer service is knowing that losing one customer could be huge loss of potential profits.

So what’d I do? I got a MacBook, with a free iPod touch. Not bad, eh?


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