Good customer service = good marketing opportunies.

Being a good marketing student like I am, I should probably write about that more often.

One thing I’m learning in depth this summer at CoyneBeahmShouse is the theory behind Engagement Marketing. Basically, you only put one space after a period. No really, it’s all about making a two-way interactive relationship with your customers. It goes beyond talking to a potential consumer, and actually entices that person to become part of the overall process. That way, when developing new products or improving current ones, you know what it is about your offerings that your consumers want/love/hate/can’t stand anymore/tolerate/etc. and can use that information to put your best foot forward.

A key strategy of Engagement Marketing is seizing every opportunity to engage the consumer and better the relationship.

I experienced this first hand with Stride’s new gum flavor Sweet Berry. If you’re familiar with Stride, you know it as the “ridiculously long lasting” gum. I find their mint flavors do in fact last longer than others, even Orbit, but this new fruity Sweet Berry flavor was an exception to the rule. While it was absolutely the best non-mint gum I’ve ever had, the “long lasting” flavor was absent. Truth be told, I was disappointed, severely.

So severely that I went to Stride’s website and filled out a humorous customer complaint about how the gum I had come to enjoy so much only lasted a mere fraction of the time I had come to expect from their brand. I questioned if they were attempting to drive more sales by making gum that only lasts “ridiculously not as long lasting.” I figured Stride’s representatives would get a kick out of it, but nothing would ever come of it.

Instead, Stride saw this as an opportunity. The next day I received an email apologizing for my experience and relayed that my message would be forwarded onto the proper people for quality control. While that part is mostly standard, it’s what they did next that made me a future Stride customer. They sent me a coupon for a free pack of Stride gum of my choice, along with an additional letter addressed to me apologizing for the experience.

The result? I was so impressed with Stride’s response that I now purchase Stride gum instead of Orbit when making a gum purchase, and I’m likely to stick with Stride for quite a while now.

Good customer service goes a long way, and companies should take notice.


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