Sorry about the wait

So, I have like 2-3 posts waiting in the rafters to bungie jump down and join the melee, but with losing my computer and all that was on it to an HP lawsuit, which didn’t really fix anything, I haven’t had access to all my cool pictures, Photoshop, or anything else I might use to write a SUPER SWEET post.

So get over it.

You 2 people who read this daily must be fretting nervously in your luxurious living rooms and sweating bullets waiting for yours truly to grace your eyes with magical words of wisdom.  Alliteration is amazingly awesome always all the time!

An yes, my rant about that stupid HP lawsuit is coming soon.  So is something about skunks, toilet paper, and a great new hobby…geocaching.

And oh yah, Jenn and I have been together for two years.

And she’s 21.

So I’m way behind on posts.  Stay tuned.


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