Reel Big Fish, Johnny Christmas, make Jenn’s bra famous

Back earlier this month, Reel Big Fish (you know, my favorite band, like, ever) performed at Virginia Tech. Logically, Jenn and I flipped out, got really excited, and went to the show (by the way, thanks again for the ticket, babe). We showed up ridiculously early to Squires Hall, and waited around for at least 2 hours to go into the concert. I guess Reel Big Fish isn’t as big now as they used to be back in the 90s when they had a “mildly successful single.

The opening band, Murphy’s Kids, was pretty intense. It was a little too intense for me. I’m all for positivity and being energetic, but I never felt entirely comfortable with their music and message. Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome, especially the guitar player, but I could never get into the tunes. Go figure. It likely had to do with the fact that RBF was coming up.

This was only my second Reel Big Fish concert, and the first one was extremely awesome, so I had high expectations. I mean, really, we were this close:

How awesome is that? That’s Aaron Barrett. Right in front of us. Actually, he was more diagonally in front of us, Scott was in front of us. But he was in bad mood. Worse than usual, it seemed. I can never tell if he’s just got a stage act going on and likes to pretend to be pissed. But either way, they didn’t get a sound check pre-performance, so that probably had something to do with it. With the exception of Dan and John, the whole band seemed slightly peeved and out of sorts. The music was still fun to listen to, even if the local high schoolers moshed the entire time. Let’s not get started on that, just let me say that I’m still completely perplexed by the idea that running around hitting each other is awesome, but whatever floats their boats.

Anyhoo, Jenn has always wanted the throw a bra onto the stage during “Don’t Start A Band” when the line about ‘no flying bras’ comes in, so she totally did…and Johnny Christmas put it on. Notice the “I ❤ RBF” on the right boob.


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  1. Awesommmmee haha, good stuff. Love RBF

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