Reform “Fighting Words Policy”? Say no!

Those of you who read my stuff often (I know, all 2.5 of you), probably read my comments about UNC Charlotte’s Day of Silence and the Campus Preachers. For those of you who haven’t, please catch up.

For those too lazy to click and read, here’s the gist of it: PRIDE held a Day of Silence to protest discrimination against Homosexuals, crazy religious people showed up and made an event of it. People were called derogatory names and things got heated. The cops showed up. Some people were probably offended. That’s an understatement, by the way.

Because of this, a group on facebook has formed asking UNC Charlotte to amend its Fight Words Policy. In a nutshell, the Policy states…

OK. So basically, the policy is in place to try and prevent people from being physically hurt. While this policy is ridiculous in the first place since it cannot truly be enforced or described, it seems some people want this to be expanded to a “Don’t Offend Me Policy.” In one letter posted on the group’s message board, it calls for the University to pass a law restricting visitors to either obtain a permit before speaking or be sponsored by a student organization.

Let’s be frank, free speech would only be allowed by obtaining a permit? Let’s go over this again……FREE speech…..PERMIT for it. That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a free speech zone for the reason that it’s an American right to be able to speak what you want. UNC Charlotte is a publicly funded campus, and thus, any citizen has a right to appear at the Belk Tower and say whatever he/she wants. EVEN IF IT OFFENDS YOU.

If what someone says bothers you, ignore it and be strong in your beliefs or get your friends together and drown him out. However, the best bet is to just ignore him. Or you could always throw him in Hechenbleikner Lake (actually happened here to Preacher Gary).

If you actually do succeed in getting your new policy passed, I’ll personally form a student group just to sponsor him. And I despise everything he says! I’ve never agreed with anything he says (except, perhaps, when he pokes fun at Chapel Hill), but I’m a huge supporter or Free Speech.

UNC Charlotte, please don’t change your policy. Our culture is trying too hard to protect people from being offended already, and I’d be ashamed to see a University ban truly Free Speech, even if it offends someone.


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