People are funny

Yesterday was a great day. No, it was an awesome day. I began it eating breakfast with Cori Dayton catching up on our lives and reflecting on past times. It’s amazing how quickly four years has passed. And if it weren’t for my wavy path through college, I’d be graduating in three weeks entering the real world. I remember freshman year fairly well, and I truly believe that living where I did, around the people I did, shaped the rest of my years here. I’m glad I can still call up most of those people and hang out. Of course, that would require that I pick up the phone.

From that breakfast, I went on to work at Recreational Services. I’m on the Promo Team, which involves setting up a table on campus and promoting upcoming events and Recreational Services in general. Since it was such a nice day, I brought the mini-putt game with me and put up shop at the Belk Tower.

Things were going great, people were talking to me, playing mini-putt to win prizes. I was probably having the most engaging day so far this semester. Then things started getting intense…

First, PRIDE showed up for their “Day of Silence” event. Which, you know, I have no problem with. They can do what they want, its their right, and I fully support that. Things were going pretty well, and even though most of them had taken a temporary vow of silence, they still came and played some mini-putt.

But then, the religious nuts came out. Maybe they got wind of the event, but it sure was “Let’s preach at UNC Charlotte Day!!!” It was like a who’s who of campus preachers. There was Preacher Gary, an old man who’s severely lost touch and almost has become a comedy act more so than a preacher.

There was sign guy. His sign was so big he had a special holder on his belt to assist him. His sign warned us that Judgement was coming. Yes, you read that right, Judgement, not Judgment. Hey buddy, this is the United States of America, take your extraneous ‘e’ to England. When told that his sign was spelled wrong, his buddy told me that “Scoffers go to Hell.” A Scoffer is a Mocker by the way. He was extremely uninterested in playing mini-putt though, so he and I did not get along very well.

There was also crazy woman wearing running shoes and a Nineteenth century styled outfit made from budget material. She literally stood within the PRIDE group and told any passerby that she “was with Jesus, not the homos.”

Suitcase with Angry Stickers Man was there too, but I don’t remember him preaching really. He just kind of sat around showing off his witty stickers.

Somewhere along the way, these guys showed up, and they may, or may not be, directly affiliated with Huge Sign Guy, but I assume they were separate because they never once offered to help carry the load of spreading God’s word with misspelled words. I guess there’s no spellcheck at the sign shop.

Speaking of those guys, if you click on the link, you can see this great quote:

“Monday and Tuesday this week we were at UNC Charlotte. The Lord allowed us to preach for several hours each day and Kerrigan Skelly took a picture of me preaching… The crowds were great! Hundreds of students heard the Gospel each day.”

I was there that day in February. Those clever little bastards took pictures at creative angles to make it seem more packed than it really was. To be honest, that “crowd” in the picture was probably the highest amount of students they received the entire time, but that picture makes it appear that it was only a portion of a large crowd. That’s DECEPTION MY FRIENDS AND YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. OK, maybe you’re not, who knows, but I figured I would get into character and imitate them for awhile.

It’s not my place to to judge people like they do, but I’m beginning to think that these people are severely detached from reality. Yelling at college students will result in no conversions. But hurray for the First Amendment.

So anyway. PRIDE handled the situation really well, but things still got pretty heated and I know the cops showed up around noon, but I don’t believe anyone got in trouble. I had a little fun with Preacher Gary after Jazz Band, and he converted me to the beliefs that women “should be in the kitchen” and “stop wearing pants.” Preach it BROTHER!

(disclaimer: In no way, do I actually believe this.)

In other news….the Student Union is really springing up fast. I think I’m going to bomb a couple semesters in a row so I can enjoy it.

Beautiful spot on campus.


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  1. Jason,

    I think it’s hilarious you made fun of spelling on that guy’s sign…

    Mr. “Whose who”.

    You mean who’s who, as in, who is who.

  2. At least spell check catches judgement. Who’s and whose are still both excepted in America. Thanks for the catch, though…Tom

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