Virginia Tech vs. Charlotte

I’ve been up to Tech a lot, and through Tom and Jenn, I have learned a lot about the school. It’s old. Very old. Much older than Charlotte. And comparisons between the two is almost impossible. Its like apples and oranges, two completely different things, except both are fruits.

I have been asked a few times about Virginia Tech vs. Charlotte by prospective engineering students on tours. I basically tell them its a no brainer for mechanical and motorsports (Charlotte), and for all others its about which one you like better. The reason Charlotte will continually get the nod when it comes to mechanical and motorsports is its location. Especially, motorsports. And then, Virginia Tech smells like a farm and it’s a sausage-fest (mostly.)

There are two things that Virginia Tech obviously does better, it’s football and dances. Football, well, we can’t compare at all, because we don’t have one.

As for dances, we get a the Green and Gold Affair for Homecoming, in which we get a little dressed up and there’s a DJ.

At Virginia Tech there’s a Ring Dance which includes a live band, a sword tunnel, a pig running around, extravagant decorations, delicious food, and FIREWORKS! Yes! Fireworks!

Seriously, why do we not get fireworks for stuff here at UNC Charlotte? Chances are it’d be incredibly expensive to throw something like the Ring Dance here, and it may explain why their tuition is so much more than ours.

However, I had a great time accompanying Jenn to her Ring Dance.


Don’t we look hot? Check out the band behind us!


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