My first angry listener!

I’ve been recording a podcast called Straight From Section 104 ( for NinerOnline here at UNC Charlotte every wednesday for the past three weeks.  Usually I just mention the latest news in Niner sports, some recent rumors, and a few opinions about sports in general and life at UNC Charlotte.

The first podcast came and went with little response.  A few friends gave me some feedback and support for it.

The next one got a little bit more reaction from people.  Some folks on mentioned it, and once again my friends gave me some feedback.

My most recent one finally ruffled somebody’s feathers.  I came upon some discussion on the message board concerning football.  You can view the discussion, or argument, here.   In my podcast last week I spoke out against the football naysayers, especially one who is known as “Charlottealumni.”  I basically spoke against their arguments and invited them to present their points on instead of hiding out on a less-traveled message board.  Some people made the claim that the “University of North Carolina” in our name was the reason our graduates get hired.  Idiotic statements like that get me riled up, so of course I had to rant about that as well.  Basically, if an employer is hiring you because he’s under the impression that you graduated from Chapel Hill, you’re working for an idiot.  Most idiots won’t be in a position to hire college graduates.  We get hired because we have the credentials and a degree from an excellent university.

Well, I pissed off that Charlottealumni fellow.  He posted this on the nineronline message board, not niner nation:

JFelt, I heard your immature rant on your podcast. Are they just giving podcasts out to any idiot nowadays? Maybe they’ll give me a podcast so I can talk about the things that really matter to UNC-C, not this worthless drivel you people keep spouting. I don’t see how I was able to get a job once I graduated seeing as how UNC-C doesn’t have a football team. That’s amazing.

The reason I don’t go on is because I have a job, and a family, and I don’t have the time to argue with you pathetic retards. Watching you guys try to get a football team is like watching a kid with downs try to run the 400 meter hurdles. It’s inspiring to watch you struggle valiently against the tide, but I’m not a retard, so it doesn’t really matter to me.

For someone who cares so much about the university, he should have known that that stupid hyphen has not been a part of our name for quite some time now, and our graduates are taught that in their first English class.  Maybe he’s not really an alumni.

And the whole part about calling us retards was just plain classless and completely ruins any chance he had at being taken seriously.  I guess he’d rather be funny than actually debate the feasibility of football.

At least I have something to talk about in my next podcast!


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  1. The guy called you “immature”… apparently he didn’t re-read what he wrote you. Way to take up for yourself and the school. Although, at some point, both in your article and podcast (all Charlotte fans need to do this), just ignore the “retarded” Chapel Hill fans. They do it b/c it irritates you, not b/c they actually have a legitimate argument. Think of it as a child that screams and cries, if a mother gives into his needs the kid continues his habits to get his way. A child screams and cries, and the mother ignores it, the child realizes it doesn’t work and gives up. Yes, Carolina fans are little kids.

  2. I wanted to just correct what I found on the story, I had a guy from the Carolinas contact me about giving up my site since it wasn’t “being used”, he was an ass. He went to some school where the niners were their mascott. So? you say. Well, so did I. Who cares, I told him. I’m a niner fan and have a fantasy football site and was the first to coin the name Niner Nation with, so just a clarification, the guy didn’t go to to rant because that one is mine. He must have wanted to rant on one of the many, many other niner nation sites. I get confused with a ton since mine actually is Niner Anyway, just wanted to clarify. Oh and the guy wanted to get the name for free… seriously. It’s been appraised from $8,100.00 to $24,000 to $36,000 and I still have it so obviously, I feel its worth more. Just shows how ignorant some people are.

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