I’ve been thinking.

Today, I’m tired.  I was up late.  I get grouchy when I’m tired.  I also tend to let the world piss me off.

Usually its a person, or a thing.  Like Jason and Logan with the AC.

But today, its facebook.com.

It’s not so much the website, but it’s symbolizes everything I’m disliking today.

I hate how much information is out there, and how OBSESSED we’ve become with it.  Don’t get me wrong here and start thinking that I’m claiming to be free of blame, I know I am teasing the kettle for being black, but I can still be angry about it.  How many of us spend at least 30-40 minutes every freakin’ day looking at facebook?  We look at what our friends are doing, what pictures they upload, who our friends have been doing, what groups they’re into, etc….. the information never stops.  It’s not just our friends either, sometimes we’ll find ourselves looking through photo albums of complete strangers!  Sometimes we’re friends with complete strangers!

What’s the point?  Why have we become so obsessive over an intangible network?

I often wonder what all this means.  What happens when we college students are 35 years old, married with a house and two kids and a real job.  Will we still have 400 friends on facebook whose pictures and status we obsess over?  When do we let our kids join facebook?

I’m starting to wonder whether or not the whole idea of ME being on the internet in a form so easy to access is a good or bad idea.  On one hand, I don’t have anything to hide, in fact, some of our facebook profiles and photo albums make great resumes, speaking volumes about who we are.  But on the other side of that sword is one that can lead to stalking, obsession, and we never know exactly who is looking at our profiles.  I’ve been told that the “Norman Niner” facebook profile in the Charlotte network (profile is supposed to be our mascot Norm) is actually a faculty account.  Everyone befriends Norm, thus, everyone’s information is available to people we’ve never suspected.

Think about it, its already happening.  Before any employer will hire you, he’ll Google you, I guarantee information about you is there.  Do you know if it will look good? Next thing will be searches on myspace.com and facebook.com.  There are ways to look at your information and your profile.  Look at your pictures posted to facebook and the stuff written on your blog, do they show outstanding character or a reckless college student?

The other day I saw a pictures uploaded to facebook of a girl, a personal friend, pretending to perform various sexual acts.  Do you think she knows exactly who is looking at her picture?  If she knew complete strangers were looking at her photos, would she be more restrained?

I’m done ranting now, tell me what you think.


Posted on March 28, 2007, in Quick Thoughts. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Intangible network, awesome description.

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