My first complaint/persuasive letter.

Dear Dr. Merriam:

SUBJECT: Removing “p” from “raspberry”

Today’s world is a confusing place. We are constantly finding ourselves dealing with new technology, difficult processes, and changing daily routines. It seems that our lives have ceased to be simple and have become complex. Any opportunity a person has to simplify our daily lives should be taken.

Recently, I had an encounter with the word “raspberry.” The spelling of the word implies that it should be pronounced with a hard “p” sound, as in “rasp”, followed by “berry.” However, the word is truly pronounced “razz”-“berry.” What is the need for the “p”? Without the “p”, the word is pronounced exactly the same way and will no longer confuse those learning about different berries of the world.

I suggest that the new spelling of “raspberry” be either “rasberry” or “razberry”. I would prefer the former because it is less 90s hip-cliché.

You can do your part to make pronunciation easier, and the world will be a better place for it.



Jason Feltis
UNC Charlotte


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