Massive Update

So maybe “updated often” is a lie lately. I really have meant to update this thing. There are many things I’ve wanted to type up and put in here, but for some reason I keep forgetting to make time, or at least utilize the time I have. I tend to waste my free time listening to music, playing guitar, talking to Jenn, or just doing basically nothing.

Don’t let that make you think that I haven’t been productive. If anything, I have been more busy this month than any month this year.

Let’s see all the things I’ve done this month:

March 1st – Charlotte, N.C. Thursday night game vs. George Washington on ESPN2!! Jenn came down for the game, and the two of us stood front row and naturally, got on TV. Game was loads of fun, despite the 2 pt. loss.

March 2nd – Greensboro, N.C. Returned home for a brief visit and to hold an interview with Jim Boitnott, an old friend, guitar instructor, and current VP of Business Development at Notion Music. The interview was for my Business Communications class, but it was a nice excuse to catch up with an old friend, especially since our lives have changed so much since the last time we talked.

March 3rd – Charlotte, N.C. Saturday afternoon game vs. St. Bonaventure. Brown is such an unnatural color for sports teams. Anyhoo, we blew them out.

March 4th-6th – Charleston, S.C. with Jenn. Our Spring Break destination this year was the city of pastel buildings and southern royalty. The city was beautiful, and it was nice to escape with Jenn for a few days. We spent a lot of time downtown and at the Battery while also taking in popular sights like the aquarium and the USS Yorktown. Expect a post about this by itself soon.

March 7th-11th – Summerfield, N.C. Jenn and I went directly from Charleston to home on the 6th to spend the rest of our Spring Break relaxing. My grandparents were visiting on their way to Canada from Florida (snowbirds!), and while Jenn and I were there we met with Debbie concerning the upcoming summer season at the pool. Also during this week, Charlotte played its last game of the season, losing to Dayton in the first round of the Atlantic 10 Tourney.

March 12th – Charlotte, N.C. Back in the Queen City for school, I had a presentation due on Rock N’ Roll in the 1950s for my Childhood in the 20th Century class. My 13 minute Powerpoint presentation was full of music clips, pictures, and interesting facts that the entire class enjoyed, and apparantly earned me a quality grade. I hope to turn my outline into a wordpress write-up here shortly.

March 14th – Charlotte, N.C. I began my fledgling media career by recording a podcast for NinerOnline. Its called “Straight from 104” and its about being a student 49er Fanatic. There’s not much to talk about now since basketball season is over, but I’m moving onto other topics such as baseball and March Madness. Take a listen and/or subscribe here.

March 16th – Charlotte, N.C. and Greensboro, N.C. Niner Nation luncheon with a bunch of fun folks who frequent As usual, it was a nice experience and got to watch my bracket get absolutely demolished. The night I picked Ashleigh up from the airport and gave her a ride home.

March 17th – Oak Ridge, N.C. First workday at the pool for Jenn and I. We relocated the staff lockers and started the long process of sorting out the office which contains enough trash and useless documents to fuel a fire for 20 days.

March 24th – Charlotte, N.C. Open House! As a UNC Charlotte tour guide, it was my duty to help people park their cars, find the SAC, and then show them campus all the while spreading as much knowledge as I could. I woke up at 6 AM, had to be at Halton by 7, and from about 7:30 until 12:30 we were running full steam without breaks. Two thousand people showed up this time, thats a record! The tour groups were huge and I spent most of my tours shouting. It was especially hectic because an hour long tour had to be crammed into a thirty-minute sprint. I had a few families latch on to me particularly, one for a “missing school” form, another to ask about Virginia Tech (heard me mention going to Blacksburg later that day), I sold the UNC Charlotte Motorsports program to one family (over NC State, also helped convince a few architecture majors why our program was better than State’s), and this one family just happened to take a liking to me and asked me about a bajillion questions, following me to the group to lead them to housing. Even though it was stressful and hectic, I had a lot of fun and now most of the other tour guides actually know who I am.

Later that day…. Blacksburg, V.A. (Not in a “Carolina” for once!) I drove up to Virginia Tech to accompany Jenn to her annual Ring Dance, a time-honored tradition at Virginia Tech that included a live band (with horns), a sword tunnel, and a fantastic fireworks show! I’m not talking about a “buy it on EBay!” prepackaged party and fireworks show, we’re talking a full-fledged gala that would blow anything UNC Charlotte does out of the water, and it was free! I’ll talk more about my visit to Virginia Tech in a later post.

That’s about it. I’m sure there is more. Jenn and I passed 9 months, so, that’s cool, but it seems relatively short in the grand scheme of things. I’ve gotten into Ska lately, listening to some older stuff from the 1st and 2nd waves, not just modern stuff like Reel Big Fish. I have many bands to share with you, and some more important dates coming up, and news about my Indoor Soccer team!


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