UTimes: Quality Journalism, or Backup Toilet Paper?


Above you find a graph put together by editor Alex O’Neill of the UTimes. The graph accompanied the front page article concerning the recent Board of Trustees decision to spend $150,000 on football.

If you can’t read it, it basically says that the $150,000 for the study could’ve been used for:
1. 150 years of books ($500/semester)
2. 110 years of meal plan ($1,355 DB)
3. 81 years of housing
4. 36 years of tuition

That’s just flat out saying, “Hey! Students! Look all that money could be going to you! Vote against football!”.

Not only is our school newspaper blatantly biased (this wasn’t even in the “Viewpoint” section), its just terrible all around. Grammar mistakes are prevalent everywhere, and the whole staff seems to be out of touch with college life in general. What student body at a major institution doesn’t enjoy football?!?!?

Honestly, Alex, if you want to spread your “artsy fartsy” knowledge, stick to Sanskrit. If you want your paper to get better, get over your egotistical “I’m a better student than you” attitude and publish articles that INFORM the student body, not persuade.


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