Who is the mystery Hokie?

I love receiving comments on my posts. Whether they’re for or against me it does not matter, I just like receiving them.

What I really enjoy is comments from people who leave a way to contact them, just so I can either a) rebuttal, or b) say thanks!

The two most recent comments have both been anonymous, and both have come from Virginia Tech. How do I know? Well, WordPress sends me a nifty little e-mail letting me know I received a comment, and where it came from. Then, it gives me a link to tell me were that IP address is located. Here’s the two comments:

In response to Mario Art – My thoughts:

“Very mature Jason. Have you thought about Politics? You clearly like campaigning for your ideas, and really think things through.”

In response to Facepaint is fun! (part duex):

“Dude! Your girlfriend is awesome!”

While both comments are both complimentary to either me, or my girlfriend, I would like to know who to thank.

So, who is the mystery Hokie reading about me?


Edit: Just after I posted this, the culprit of the “your girlfriend is awesome” comment has come forth, it was none other than Jennifer Kane herself.  We are waiting for news of the “politics” comment still though.


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