Facepaint is fun! (part duex)

Sometimes I think I should write more about pop culture and whats going on in the real world. Maybe, instead of writing about my life and things I do, I should focus on writing about what people truly care about. You know, like sex, or money, or Britney Spears, not about how my dead fish’s flesh was consumed overnight and only a skeleton was left in the morning.

I showed that photo to my mom, by the way, and the look on her face was classic. I do not see what’s so gruesome about a fish skeleton, seems pretty cool and harmless to me.

As I was saying, before I digressed, I should really try to lure in readers with topics more interesting to them. Topics that have to do with life as we know it.

Instead, I’ll talk about facepainting.

The game was Charlotte’s homecoming, against Fordham, which means that for the only time this season Halton Arena would be close to full. This can only mean one thing: the student section must “get hype!” Which we did. Jenn was down for the game, and she quickly made a canvas out of my face, giving me the coolest facepaint design since WCW’s Sting. At the game, Mandeep, Jenn, and I combined our powers and basically made a face painting factory on the front row, covering over a dozen faces with Green, White, and Black. Even some parents got in on the fun after a little prodding!

The result was truly beautiful, a student section full of happy green and white faces ready to cheer on the Niners as they took down Fordham behind De’Angelo’s 35 point masterpiece.


Almost brings a tear to my eye to see it…..
(I’m the swirly, Jenn’s the pretty girl next to me)


You’re never too old to facepaint!!


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  1. Dude! Your girlfriend is awesome!

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