Football Study Approved!!!!

The UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees met today to discuss and vote on football. The result is a year long feasibility study with an initial cost of $150,000! The study has many goals and has many set guidelines it must follow, including the protection of all men’s teams currently at UNC Charlotte.

This is an incredible step forward for this university, just following through with an actual study into football is a glimmer of hope that this school still plans on becoming a major nationally recognized institution. Couple this Board of Trustees vote with the current student vote (well over 20% of the student body has already voted, a new record!) and it is obvious that the Charlotte Football Initiative has made a huge impact in the Charlotte area. Two years ago this would have been a dream, but now it is a reality.

Students, if you have not already voiced your opinion on football, please go ahead and vote! While I would personally love to see everyone vote for football with the highest amount, I would just be happy to see that you voted. SGA wants 50% of the student body to vote, that’s around 10,000 students, a number unheard of in past votes, but we can make it happen!


Who’s up for some tailgating in 2011?


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