Piano Juggler!

Although this Charlotte 49ers basketball season has been, well, a big letdown, it has had its bright spots.

The homecoming game vs. Fordham was great fun (seperate post about that to come), but one of the most entertaining games was the Feb 13 matchup against Louisiana-Lafeyette. Some highlights include:

-Jerrell Lewis getting some serious playing time with Carlos injured
-De’angelo Alexander showing that the Fordham game wasn’t a fluke
-Jerrell Jamison showing us again some serious toughness and determination
-Students on 104 actually getting responses from the other team…”Johnson…..Johnson…..Johnson…..”
-Sean Phaler finally hitting a shot…and not just one, but THREE in a row! 11 points in 6 minutes with 3-3 3PT and 2 FTs!!!

As one can tell with the final score of 80-56, it was an easy win for the 49ers, and the action on the court was exciting too watch. However, one of the best moments of the night had nothing to do with basketball, but rather, a man playing piano with his balls.

Dan Menendez, a.k.a. the Piano Juggler, was the halftime entertainment for the game. Whether or not his act is for real (is he really playing, or are the songs preset on the piano and he just has to hit any key with a ball?), he’s an incredible juggler and puts on an entertaining show.

Here’s a video I took of his performance, and more can be seen at his website.



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