Mayor McCrory supports football!

On January 31st 2007 Mayor McCrory of Charlotte showed his support for football here at UNC Charlotte.

During halftime, Rob, Gill, Will, and I walked over to meet the mayor, who just happened to be casually standing and watching the halftime entertainment (one of those “World’s Strongest Man” type of shows, not too exciting). He seemed extremely excited to meet all of us, even though he seemed to be somewhat of a Cheese. Granted, I’d rather have a Cheese for a mayor than some stuck-up jerk. He mentioned campaigning for a name-change (to University of Charlotte, none of that “UNC” crap), and urged us to get involved with that. We brought up football, and immediatly he grew excited. We chatted a tiny bit, and it seemed that Mr. Mayor was on his way home until Gill mentioned a “spot in the student section” for him. McCrory hesitated, but then led us all towards the student section.

He was greeted by cheers and applause as he walked down to the front row of 104. It was here that he joined us in a “Let’s go Niners!” chant. Then, something miraculous happened, he started cheering something else. At first we had a hard time discerning it, but then it became clear and soon the entire student section was chanting, “We want football!”

Mayor McCrory not only wants a name change, he wants football enough to start a cheer about! Even if his political views are completely against mine, he’s definitely got my vote next time.


There’s Robert Ferrin, myself, Mayor McCrory, and Mandeep Gill
holding the infamous “Fantasy Dollars” cheque at halfcourt.


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  1. Most people dont ever get to meet the Mayor, let alone him come down and chant with you…

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