Dancing: Fun, Hazardous, or Both?

I’ve spent the past two days limping around the campus of UNC Charlotte.  Most people see me limping and think, “Oh, here we go again, Felt screwed up his [joint on leg, probably knee] playing [basketball, soccer, snowball wars]…..”  But they’d be wrong.  Unlike what has become the norm, where I end up twisting my ankle or overusing my knee playing 3 hours of basketball, I willingly hurt myself this past weekend.

How’d I do it?

Well, I strained both calves (mostly right) DANCING.  Yes, this whole, “Jenn and Jason learn to swing dance” thing has reached a new level.

This past Saturday Jenn, or as her name-tag would eventually say, “JENN IS ME : )”, drove to Roanoke, VA from the campus of Virginia Tech to attend a Swing Dance workshop.  From 9:30 AM until 11:45 PM, with a short break for dinner, Jenn and I were dancing.  Whether it was Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, or East Coast Swing, we were learning some new moves and techniques all day.  The instructors for the evening were Erik and Sylvia, who were incredibly helpful and extremely talented.  Though, I would not have let my pregnant wife perform some of the aerials Sylvia had.  As Jenn said, “I bet that kid’s going to LOVE roller coasters.”

Most of the morning was spent on Lindy Hop, a style Jenn and I found very difficult to pull off, but we’re resolving to get better.  The Collegiate Shag was much easier, even though its incessant hopping leads to some really strained calves.  We were also taught some Dips and Tricks, but most of those were too hard for us right now.  I’m not quite smooth enough to swing Jenn around and not let her butt hit the floor.

The day was concluded with a swing dance from 8:30-until.  The band, The Boilermaker Jazz Band, at this dance was quite a treat.  They played a lot of traditional swing tunes, and even mixed in some Dixie!  We’ve come to the conclusion that dancing with a live band is immensely better than dancing to a recording.

Even though it was a long day, and our legs are still suffering now, it was well worth the $32 we spent to attend.


Jenn and me at the dance, with the band in the background.


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