HDTV? On my computer?

My grandpa has been looking for a way to get TV on his personal laptop ever since I told him about the idea.  The theory is that he’ll use his portable computer as his TV in their camper trailer and plug in the cable provided by the campground.  Only problem is, there’s no easy to plug a standard cable in to a computer without a TV card, something rarely found on a laptop.

Then he stumbled upon a device that utilized USB to transmit the cable onto the laptop.  I was immediately intrigued.  A trip to bestbuy found this device, but on sale for$99.99.  Using Christmas money, and the money Microsoft so graciously finally refunded me, I purchased my own.  It seemed that by attaching the cable to the device and then plugging it in the USB, I’d be able to get basic cable and even a few HD channels.

When I set up Grandpa’s computer to use it, I was a little disappointed that I was not getting any HD channels, but the signal was still strong and it was good enough to allow me to remove my TV from my school desk.  After all, when my laptop is my radio, computer, and TV, the only other thing I need on my desk is a fishtank.

I set everything up, and I was enjoying the TV, but I was still curious.  The package included an antenna, and the curious side of me wanted to see how many channels I could get.  I set it up, and an initial scan found almost 20 crystal clear HD channels!

The package also includes software to record live TV, basically a DVR on my computer.

So, if you’ve got $100 left over from Christmas, I’d suggest investing in this.


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