49ers defeat Wolfpack in Halton Arena

For the first time ever, the Wolfpack agreed to play a one-time series with the 49ers in Halton Arena. The 49ers rarely get such an opportunity to showcase their abilities, and made the best of it.

The tip-off was won by the 49ers, but the stingy Wolfpack defense prevented any easy baskets, and quickly forced a turnover. Sloppy offense from the ‘Pack led to a 49ers breakaway, but the point guard was not able to finish with the red and white breathing down his neck.

Tough defense, turnovers, and missed shot attempts would be theme of the entire matchup, as neither team could really get the ball rolling and on offense.

Late in the match, the 49ers pressured the Wolfpack at halfcourt, forcing yet another turnover. The men in green were simply too fast for the red this time, and a spectacular acrobatic lay-up found its way in to the hoop. The Niners would go one to ice the victory with an unbreakable defense and ball protection. Even with their star transfer from the Raiders, the Wolfpack had a hardtime finding the basket for the full length of the game.

The final score: Niners – 2, ‘Pack – 0.


Go Niners!


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