I thought a refund meant, getting money back…..

For all of the wonderful advances Microsoft has made in the world of internet concole gaming with XBox Live, they apparantly have not learned how to cancel an account and sufficiently refund their customers.

I once tried to cancel my XBox live membership a year ago, but for some reason they continued it.  I shrugged it off, and decided to use the account anyways, but I would definitely cancel it this year.

Microsoft makes a habit to not allow you to conveniently cancel your account online.  You have to dial 1-800-4-My-Xbox and cancel it that way.  “Jason, that’s not too hard.”  Well, it would be much easier if I could call and actually TALK to someone right away.  Instead, callers are subjugated to this dork-o-tron computer named Max that responds to voiced answers.  This alone is frustrating, because Max is programmed to act like a human.  After I indicated I was dealing with an XBox 360, he says, “an XBOX 360?!!  Got IT!”

So, eventually, I get through and I talk to someone.  It was December 4th, the last possible day I could cancel my account.  Regardless of this fact, I was informed that a charge of $49.99 had already been set to be charged to my account, but I would receive a full refund within 3 days.  I didn’t.

Being the holiday season, that $49.99 was really important to me, and I called back a few days later.  After getting through the idio-bot I was told by an actual human being to give Microsoft a full 30 days to get the refund to me, because of the busy holiday season.  If the money was not there on Jan 4th, I would have to call back and deal with it again.

The holidays passed and no $49.99 was credited to my account the entire time, but I did receive a notice via e-mail that my account had been cancelled.  By this point, I’ve realized that Microsoft is probably just trying to make things difficult so I’ll give it up.  I call Microsoft up on Jan 6th, and the dorky fella on the line said that he was putting the refund in again, and that I would receive my money within 3 days.  “Ahhhhhh, relief….” I thought.

Nope.  I was wrong.  The next day my account had a DEBIT of $49.99.  Microsoft took more money from me!!!  That’s just plain wrong!  How do they confuse a refund with a charge?  Instead of slyly and slowly taking my money from me, they just downright stole it.  I called the bank this time, and I was told to contact Microsoft.

Well, this time was by far the most frustrating.  Max had some new sayings.  He misunderstood me, twice.  The first time he tried to sell me something by himself, the second time I was sent to Tech help.  When I finally got through to Accounts, I was put on hold, and then hung up on!  Eventually, I was connected to a fiesty young lady.  I wish I could apologize to her now, but I was very upset by the time I got to talk to her, and I made it VERY clear that I had no idea how Microsoft ends up with $99.98 of my money when I was supposed to receive $49.99!  After getting a little testy with me, she gave me her word that I would receive my money within three days.  I’m currently through day one, and no refund is present.

This is starting to sound like what you can read here:



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  1. If you don’t get a refund, email the consumerist. They specialize in consumer complaints just like yours. Find their email address @ http://www.consumerist.com

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