christmas bonanza!

It’s late, but who cares? MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

What a wonderful holiday season its been. We’ve been relatively tsunami-free and only two people got shot at the mall. I’d say that it has been a success! This year was one of the best Christmases ever. Unlike last year, I had someone special to spend it with, and my family is closer than probably has ever been.

The real holiday season for me started off the Kanes’ annual Christmas party, with this party being the first at the new house on Crutchfield Farm Rd. Along with a new location, the party was also a debut for Jenn’s smokin’ new haircut. She was gorgeous before, but she’s ABSOLUTELY gorgeous now. The party went very well, and even my mom and Tina Norman talked for a bit thanks to Mrs. Kane inviting both of them regardless of the ‘tension.’ Seeing as how I’m the daughter’s boyfriend, I had to help out a little bit. That means, “Jason, do you mind going on a beer run?” It was a weird feeling, having the girlfriend’s dad ask me to get some beer, but I was glad to do it.

Jen’s boyfriend, Anthony, came down from Jersey for a few days as well. He enjoyed North Carolina and all of the Felti offspring took their significant others to Hanging Rock for the day. Stephanie brought Glenn, her invisible 6 yr old boyfriend.

But what would Christmas be without presents?! Well, by golly, I don’t know what it’d be!

First, I’ll show you my big present from “Santa”…..

Epiphone Wildkat

It’s an Epiphone Wildkat. I’ve been looking for a semi-hollowbody guitar for awhile and I fell in love with this guitar for its sweet, rich tone and its classic look. The “coolness” factor of that guitar is through the roof. I’m having intonation issues with it though, and either today or tomorrow I’m taking it in to get looked over.

Strangely enough, Jenn also got a guitar for Christmas. Because I gave her one. Do any of you remember this guitar?

Young Jason and Guitar


Well, here’s what it looks like now:


Body stained

I gave it to her completely stripped of all paint and hardware. If she’s going to learn how to play guitar, it’s going to be on HER guitar, not some guitar that everybody else has. So far she’s stained the body and head with a dark Red Oak color and will most likely paint a pretty flower-esque design on the body before the coat of laquer is applied. I also gave her some jewelry, guitar tabs for 3 of her favorite songs, a stuffed tiger, a tea mug, a gig bag, and a bar of dark chocolate.

While I put a lot of effort in to my gift to her, she put way more into mine. Here’s a picture for referencing:

Presents from Jenn!

As you can see, it’s a lot of stuff.

It was quite a gift, as you can see. She did not just hand me this stuff. I had to earn it. Notice the brown book up front? That was my instruction manual and guidebook. When I got to her house on Christmas Morn’, I received the book, and the one-time use camera. The book contained blurbs about 25 important places around Greensboro that are special to us. In order to know where to go next, I had clues (in the form of puzzle pieces) in each of the numbered envelopes. Each stop also had a special song to go with it as well, so there were two custom CDs included in this present as well. At each stop ONE picture could be taken of both of us at the place. This is really cool (and scary) because we won’t know how they turned out until they’re developed. The book has an empty page at each stop for the picture to be placed. We got through 8 stops before deciding to finish the trip when it was not raining and we had more time. So far, we’ve reached many of them, and we’ll definitely finish before the break is through. After the stop at THE PARK, we headed back to the pool where Jenn had set up a small Christmas tree and I opened the rest of my presents. As you can see, I got so much good stuff. She also returned the scrapbook to me with new pages added to both the beginning and the end. Now it’s my turn to chronicle our life together until the next big gifting moment. Oh yah, notice the big picture? It’s actually a puzzle, the one put together from all the clues. I guess you could say that all the clues represent memories and moments which shaped our relationship together.

There’s also a little gift sitting infront of the scrapbook. It is a small ornament made from a bell, which Jenn made for me. She plans on making me an ornament every year from now on.

It’s easy to see that this Christmas was extra special. I’m very grateful for everything Jenn did, and has done, for me. She’s amazing, isn’t she?


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