Thanks for a magical birthday!

It has been said that “Turning twenty is boring and makes you feel old, but turning twenty-one is just plain awesome!”

Based one experience, I have to agree.  Seeing as it was my twenty-first birthday, I wanted to make sure that it was one for the ages, so when my mom suggested going to a hockey game with the family and Jenn, I suggested turning it into an event with most of my friends as well.  A facebook group was made and I sent out lots of invitations, after all, if you want to have a good birthday, you should make it happen yourself.

The plan was to spend the afternoon of Dec 15th in the RBC Centre parking lot tailgating prior to the Hurricanes vs. Maple Leafs game at 7:30.  In all, there were twenty people, including: myself, Jenn, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Tom, Mandeep, Rob, Christina, Justin, Greg, Jason, Costello, Marcus, Adam, and Steph’s friends.  Most people arrived around the same time, except for my parents and Justin’s group, who turned around about 100 yards from the tailgating spot.  Time was killed, or rather, spent drinking beer, kicking a soccer ball, throwing a football, and eating ‘dogs cooked by your’s truly, the Grillmaster.  Those who know me well, know that when I’m in a good mood and around friends, all it takes is a little bit of alcohol.  Needless to say, I was in a REALLY good mood by the time we went into the arena.

Being a Toronto fan prior the Hurricanes’ franchise, my allegiances were torn.  The Southerner in me pulled for the Hurricanes in the 1st period, the Maple Leafs in the 2nd, and the 3rd was split evenly, ending with me dissappointed because the Hurricanes lost.  It was a fantastic match though, with the Hurricanes overcoming a 3-1 deficit going into the 3rd only to lose 4-3 at the end.  Sundin, that old fogey, was the 1st star with 2 goals and one assist.  Mandeep brough a big Canadian flag to fly around, and we tried to get some TV exposure with it, but our attempts were in vain.  I hope everyone had a fantastic time, I know I did.  My name was on the Megatron!

Following the game, Jenn drove my drunk ass back to Charlotte where I purchased my first legal alcohol at Harris Teeter.  I opened my birthday presents from Jenn while I was still sober and then Greg, Jenn, and I stayed up until 4 AM drinking and watching infomercials, with special attention being paid to Esteban!

Saturday, my actual birthday, was really chill.  Jenn prepared breakfast in bed for me in the morning, which is probably one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.  We baked a cake, and that night a group of us went to Picasso’s to celebrate and I had my first legal alcohol in a restaurant.  Because everyone was extremely tired from the night prior, no one felt like celebrating and because Jenn could not go out to the bars (she’s not 21, haha!), the two of us got drunk by ourselves using my present from Mandeep and tried to play a racing game drunk.

All in all, my birthday was absolutely amazing, way better than last year (no offense, Tom).  I just wanted to thank all of you who participated, whether it was messages on facebook, giving me a call, or attending my birthday bonanza!

That’s me, the Grillmaster.  If a dog hits the ground, you can cook the dirty off.


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