Facepaint is fun!

Saturday night was the annual Hornet’s Nest Trophy rivalry game with Davidson. The game is a big deal, and whether the game is in Halton or Davidson’s Belk Gym, its always a fun evening with lots of school spirit. Seeing as how Davidson College is also in Mecklenburg County, the rivalry is pretty intense. There are lots of other factors too: Private vs. Public, Walking STDs vs. Sexually Smart, High School cheerleaders vs. Nationally-ranked cheerleaders, and Snobs vs. Common Folk.

Basically, Charlotte typically owns the series, and prior to Saturday night, Bobby Lutz was 8-1 vs. Davidson. After all, part of attaining good job security is having a good record against your rival.

So of course, the usual gang from Sect. 104 got together for this game, carpooled to Belk Gym, and had a jolly good time painting eachothers face. The school spirit was fantastic and everyone was in good spirits.

…..until 4:30 into a game we would eventually lose by 28.

The facepaint group!

At least it looks like we’re having fun, right?


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