Thoughts on UNC-Asheville game

The final score was 81-73 for Charlotte.  It should have been 81-56 if the 49ers had played as tough on defense as Trasheville did.  Granted, the officiating was terrible, but that is no excuse for a team of our supposed calibre to struggle offensively and defensively against a team of UNC-Asheville’s ability.  How does a UNC-Asheville point guard drive and score against players with supposedly more athletic ability and basketball smarts?  Has our program really regressed to the point that UNCA’s players are on the same level as ours?

Truth be told, out of the three times I’ve seen Charlotte play Asheville, the 49ers have only blown them out once, and that was last season.  Two seasons we struggled in the 2nd half as well and only managed a 12-point victory.  Bad perimeter defense is strictly a result of laziness and lack of defensive awareness (see: Ian Andersen).  People say not to blame Lutz, but rather to blame the players.  But who is to blame for the lack of discipline on this squad?  The Head Coach.  He recruited these players, and it should be his responsibility to make them responsive basketball players who listen to, understand, and carry out his play calls.

One last thing that just might help the team this season.  Maybe, just maybe, they could start to care.  Perhaps the players do care, or maybe they are not nearly as proud of the name on the front of their jersey as the fans are.  The green and white on the court seem to care less about those in the stands who pour their hearts out during every home game.  How many times have the fans gone home dejected and spend the rest of the evening down and in a bad mood?  And how many times on that very same evening do the players go out and party because they could not for the past 2-3 days?

Before the men’s game the front row tried starting a tradition.  We would hold a “roll call” of sorts.  The students would yell the name of each player on the roster until that said player acknowledged the fan support.  Leemire, Dumptruck, Dewhurst all responded, but when it came to Carlos Williams, he just kept on warming up.  Don’t blame it on the music, it was not even playing at that point.  He just didn’t care.  Or at least it appeared that way.  DA always comes to halfcourt to fistpound the score keepers, but how many times does he acknowledge the most hardcore fans in the front row of 104?

This team appears to care less than the fans do, and maybe that’s a reason our team always seems to be lazy and listless.

To end on a positive note.  Bobby did finally add something other than a green tie to his outfit.  Though, it did take some pressure from the student section.

Wow!  Now that looks like a coach who LOVES his school!


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